Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you a Worshipper?

Dear Diary,

It’s a new day, the sun rays are bursting through the seams of my curtains and I’m forced to roll out of bed and my first thought after whispering “thank you lord for a new day” is how can I worship God today?

A few weeks ago I watched the funeral and feature on the passing of NDP leader in Canada, Jack Layton and something spectacular stayed in my thoughts after the clip. They took viewers though the life and times of the political party leader and we learned that he was a man of sound character and judgement. He sparked the interest of young people in politics and cared for all in a special way. Amongst all , when asked how he gave back, his response amazed me…he said I’m always worshipping, every thing I do is with worship. I sat down attempting to process the information for a little while…does he mean he prays and lifts his hands and worships all day?

Quickly, he said I see everything I do as a way of worship…in my work, leisure, playtime, family time and as a leader, I worship. Wow! How profound is that? Worship is not restricted to lifting ‘holy hands’ and bowing heads in churches and mosques but should emcompass all that we do on a daily basis.

We are mandated to worship our maker with the talent and giftings that is deposited within us and whether that is a singing, cooking, fashion, Engineering or speaking talent, the efficient and consistent application of ourselves is what constitutes worship.

This is an idea I just got familiar with and I thought I’d share.

Yours in worship
Bourgy Babe

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