Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How Dare You?!?

Dear Diary,

Its Monday and i am PREGNANT with joy. I love ME my Mondays...

Unlike the average Canadian or American or British or any one still waiting for their breakthroughs from a sour 9-5 relationship, Mondays are a time of joy for Me..Its my time of solitude and quietude..my time of recollection and meditation.

This Monday was not any different..started my day with my “Monday Talk” with God..had my to –do list all checked off by noon...ahh..’m excited... ‘m getting shit done.‘m bouncing along beaming with smilez and bursting with ENERGY.

And since its my day Of impactation, my typical dwelling place, Chapters book store gets the best of me today.

*This is what my real diary looks like btw..*

So whilst ‘m getting my geek on at the book store and enjoying the scent of this freshly brewed coffee at Starbux, i run into an OLD OLD friend of mine whom i went to school with and we do our catch up, exchange pleasantries and stories of what each of us is up to and lo and behold i became dumb, couldn’t speak..dont get me Wrong i tried..buh after several attempts to say smthg impressive and no words would come out, i just stopped trying.

She had done very well for herself, i must say...running a very successful business, travelling around the world, is in a beautiful relationship..mehn, Nothin Do The Chick!

Anywayz, my friend went on her merry way and my thoughts started running wild.."whoa..are you serious? Here i was trying to put this and that together..struggling to do this and hustling to do that.." OH COME OFF IT EHI!!! i snapped.. HOW DARE YOU?? I immediately interrupted my thoughts..i could not Continue that thought for more than 5seconds..OOH HELLL NOOOO!! Cuz just because you cant see it don’t mean you haven’t accomplished much.

According to my wise pastor, only a foolish farmer plants a seed on Monday and goes looking for a crop on Friday. i AGREE!

Lessons Learned

I celebrate with Everyone who’s achieving their dreams and succeeding but i refuse to compare myself with anybody...the only person i am in competition with is myself

Do not let The fact that you don’t physically see any results confuse you...HOW DARE YOU? you have accomplished MUCH!

Do not sway..refuse to be intimidated by people’s achievements...Be genuinely happy for them but Stand your grounds and DO YOU.

Yours Sincerly

Ehi Bourgeoisie

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Dear Diary,

Blissful Times...very many delightful moments for me in the last few days.

I’m really learning to let go and worry less..the last few days have been very vital for the planning of one of the numerous projects i’m directly involved with.

I consider myself to be a very detailed & thorough person and for me, there’s a sequence, a plan.. almost like a routine with a series of actions and if one is outta line, i can go crazy tryna fix that one tiny bit of the sequence and sometimes lose sight of the big picture

What do you do after days/weeks of planning and last minute things still don’t go as planned?

Lessons Learned
Tryna be in control of EVERYthing is like goin through life with your hand brakes on but if you don’t let go of the hand brake, the car wont drive smoothly

When you‘ve done all you know to do, sometimes all you need to do left is let go and relinquish control and stay a Bougeois

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mental Tuffness

Dear Diary,

Uhmm…it was Toonie Tuesday 2day!!

Much more than Kentucky Fried Chicken toonie deals, I got a blow that sprung me outta bed today…i call It a “Toonie Thought”

First off my head is working much faster than my body this morning…little toonie thoughts of money started trickling in..worries of how this bill is gonna be paid

And that bill..and oh..those stupid Telus (phone service provider) guyz keep calling me..and I need to make that call and fill that form and call that lady before the

Deadline is up..and least I forget I haven’t confirmed with that person..bla blah blah!

Before I know it, its 8am!! Goshhh, cant believe ve been up for the last 15mins getting sapped out now I’m gonna run late to work..ooh no!

But before that feeling escalates, ‘m in the shower where I get more relaxed, get a hold of myself and BREATHE!

I take control of fear n worry cuz it has no control over me and all that this thought really is, is a TOONIE, soo small so i switch gears and I focus on success..i bolster my courage..buh for that courage to come..i practice believing in myself

so i condition my mind to off set fears and limitations through Mental Tuffness and I do what I’m telling you to do right now..start speaking the word..i remind myself who I am and who’s I am..

And by the time ‘m done my affirmations, ooooh boy, I am pumped n energized and ready to GO! bring it on World!


When the mediocre toonie thoughts come sipping in, dont let it slide. Neutralize and overcome with positive affirmations.

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fancy Requests

Dear Diary,
Busy..Busy..Busy..Busy-Ass day today..So many Errands to run..so many calls to make..too many to return.

I actually got up late for work today as i slept too late last nite working..so i didn’t get my req’d 7 hours..Luckily, i still made it in time for work..(in time here just means before my boss)

Because i’m preparing for lots of events, planning lots of projects, involved with lots voluntary work with various instituitions, i have found myself with lots of responsibilities and engagements which often translates to my phone line constantly buzzing at all hours of the clock..Meetings(lots of em), and just things to do.

Today, i really just wanted to spent time with ME and that means..all phone calls were suspended..lap top took some time off..and really the essence of this was checking and making sure what i’m doing now is what i wanna do..and based on a write up i read earlier on today, i realize that sometimes, we have requests and we’r clear about what we want (at least so we think) but we are not ready to deal with the consequence of what we ask for..

For example, Ehi wants to be a HUGE media icon & mogul but she’s too shy to give a press release..you know what i say to that? SHE AINT READY!
Bimbo wants to be a millionaire but hates attention..and you know what i tell her? SHE AINT THERE YET.

So, at the end of my quiet time, i was able to embrace , welcome and accept the constant phone calls, numerous meetings..long hours..constant attention..travelling around the world..personal chaperon..the whole works! Because i cant just accept one part of the deal and pass up on the other half..the treat and the effect are part & parcel of each other..they roll together.
As long as you cant embrace the consequence of a certain desire, its a FANCY REQUEST not a REAL REQUEST.

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The 10th Step

Dear Diary,

Evry second..evry minute..evry moment..evry day i spend quality time in the presence of God..i feel refreshed. I feel alive. I feel rejuvenated. Like a drop of water on a really thirsty day. I feel like ve expanded and stretched into a new realm.

Church is more than just another ritual to me..its an appointment to meet with God and together we go over my progress report and he tells me Keeep goin Ehi..Keep Going..ur doin a FANtastic job and i say Thank you Jesus..i was hoping for that pat on the back. We discuss my dreams n aspirations...my job..my r/ships..we discuss what i used to call my failures..till he told me sweetie, you have NEVER failed..it was the attempt that failed not you..and since then, ve changed my mindset. I CANNOT FAIL!! If God cannot fail, then i cant fail cuz i am made in his image and likeness.

We’d save that sermon for another day..What i really wanna talk about is what i learned in church today, FAITH. I struggle with faith cuz i think logically..if i cant make sense of it, i don’t understand it..in recent weeks though, am learning to do away with “the-how” and just focus on believing..cuz if i can conceive it, i can believe it and if i can believe it, i can achieve it.

I have decided to put my faith to work and forget about operating in the natural..so i am committing to take on this exercise in this next 30days and ve called it.

Ehi’s 10-Step

1) Pick one Task or request...If this is your first time doing this, start with something small

2) Make sure you can believe it...imagine the aftermath/effect of getting what you desire

3) Release all worry, fears and limiting beliefs...This was my problem area but it helps to speak positive things when negative thoughts arise

4) Decide that you deserve what you’re asking for...i have NO problems with this area at all..as far as ‘m concerned, if there’s a gold toilet, i deserve it LOL

5) Realize God wants you to prosper...He calls us a city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden

6) Convince yourself that the resources you need to achieve this task will come to you..Relax, the universe will co-operate with ya

7) Deliberately raise your vibrations...surround yourself with positivity, it will attract more positive things and people to your life

8) Prepare for its arrival...an expectant mother doesn’t wait till delivery time to shop for her baby init? cuz she’s not doubting the existence of her baby..she KNOWS its there so why are you waiting?

9) Dont you dare SHUT UP!..keep confessing it..tell evry one that cares to listen..According to my Jamaican friend, one who’s mouth is closed will starve!

10) Praise God! Exude Gratitude! Be genuinely thankful...dont you say thank you if someone offers you smthg? Even before you see it? So, whats your problem again??

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We Are All Connected

Dear Diary,

For a day off, i had a pretty early start today. I had a meeting for the first half of my day with some of my production guyz at my new studio for my show! YAY!!

No, i don’t think you fully heard me...you just pretended like you did. I said i just acquired my NEW STUDIO and boy, does it look good! Its super HUGE..Enough space for change rooms ,’backstage’, tons of foto shoots..name it! You shoulda seen me, you woulda thought i jst finished doin jangolova..if you don’t know what that means, you’re not certified to be reading this blog..i joke..i joke..i understand i have some ajebutter readers ..lol

Anywayz, that was very exciting..Afterwards a chain of events happened afterwards which led me to drive a verrrry cute toy car around town to run errands, and attend more meetings. it was funn getting lost in a SMART car cuz people just feel sorry for you cuz for some reason they think of you like they see the car-A BIG JOKE- so i convineniently played helpless.

The last event i attended was a pretty small gathering maybe about 50 sumthing people and i went up to give a little presentation. and i introduced my as Ehi. Afterwards, you shoulda seen me liasing with Edo people..you’d think we were an association.

First, a gentle man walks up to me and says: Esan weh khin? ( Are you Esan)
And i respond back tryna gather all the esan words i remember in one sentence..lol .
i haven’t spoken the language in years hence its so rusty. (i tried to explain..but they were understanding..no judgements passed..i hope)

Then like thats not enough..another gentle man who was listening in our convo goes..Owi Irianan we khin ( Are you Irianan’s child? )
At this point ‘m like rattled + Excited..Are you serious??? Who knowz me here again?! Chai!

Anyways, it turned out most of em were from the same village as myself...know my parents..my uncles n Aunties..a mini village meeting it was..Scheww!!

The minute you’re out of your house, somebody recognizes you from somewhere and whether or not you have a conversation with em, they are watching.. I learned this early

I know i sound like your mama now, but darling, Its a tiny tiny world i tell ya..you should always be of good behaviour cuz we are all connected!

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeosie.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Dear Diary,

Twaz a Wonderful day today!

I went to work for the first time in 2weeks since my training break which i’d like to think of as a mini vacation. I miss my suite..i miss the delish meals..I miss my Ocean view..and its funny cuz even though i was at the pent house and my window was directly over seeing the Harbour, i don’t think i stared at that ‘water’ more than once.

*The CN Tower View from My Window*

My Bags all packed ready to leave..NOT!

Anywayz, work was extraordinarily busy today. I almost wish i hadn’t gone away...i attempt to check my messages n what do i hear? ├┐ou have 25 new messages..Ehen?!? you’ve gotta be been kidding me..almost instantly i press 9 for Exit. i thought to myself I Cant deal with that mehn...forget that!

Good choice ehi , at least so i think as i open a new web page to surf the web but before i even click new tab on firefox, phone starts ringing off the hook..walk in’s, appointments..and sooo my day went on and on..lets just say i didn’t have time to catch my breathe or even blink...
The next time i had time to think, i was on the bus making my way home and i open my planner..only to discover half the things on my to-do list never even got touched! It

Was overwhelming to see so much as 7 items on my list and 25 new messages to respond to.And in just writing this i realise that “Life comes at you fast|”
It really does..soooo much to do, very little time ..we say
Overall, Good day it was!

Lessons Learned

I’m learning that NOT every thing on our To-Do List MUST be done...
Its a ‘little’ sumthin called PRIORTIZING
Theres def some things that take precedence over others even if we all cant come to a mutual agreement on these things. You know the issues that are weightier than others in your life..we have to learn to put it all on a scale and shake lightly and you’d notice, some naturally fall to the bottom of the scale and some get top spots.

*Mental Note To Self*
-Start with the most time sensitive and important issues, the others often come easy.
-Do not pack on too many tasks than you can realistically complete cuz an incompletion or abandonment of tasks may cause you to lose faith in the pen and the List!

Yours Truly,

Ehi Bourgeouisie.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This sounds familiar...Sounds too familiar...ahhh..if this is not dejavu i dunno what it is..this has def happened before..uhmm hmm..felt this feeling before..this exact feeling..yup..yup..am not delusional i‘ve even heard that voice before, same tone..same words..ooh it cant be.No.....No....NO...OH HELL NOO!! NOOOO!!!

Hey darlings!
As much as i’ve been tryna run away from it..i’ve been getting bugged in my spirit to do this..but took for granted the subtlety of the message. However, this evening as i brought out my pen and diary to recount my experience and journal my thoughts for the day, I knew it was not business as Usual...that voice was soo loud today..i tell ya..it yelled SHARE! My first thought was NO!
Are you serious? You want me to Share my diary with the world and make its pages public? NOOO!!

To cut the long story, after much thought and consideration i have agreed to make 75% of my thoughts public cuz i believe i have something to share with the world. As i rampage on my daily battles and experience the joys n passions life throws at me , i promise to share most of the words that line up the pages of my Pink book and its my hope that i can learn from my experiences and impact a life to live passionately and be a bourgeois.

So Welcome to the FABulous life of Ehi