Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Cant we all just get along?

Dear Diary,

Why cant we all just get along?

Notice how quick we are to play ‘peaceful’ and admit that we love everyone and we and of course we aren’t the problem, ‘they’ are. As far as heaven is concerned, we are perfectly normal and our culture is the norm and lets not talk about culture, its us vs the ‘ weirdos’

We say we are open minded yet when you saw that fellow with red and blue dye sprayed on his spiky Mohawk, you thought, how insane. You think you are accepting and loving but you mistakenly got dragged to that cultural festival and even the fact that it was ‘cultural’ did not stop you from wearing your disparaging and disapproving hat, no you brought it along. What manner of thing is this called food? Will I die if I eat it? Yes you will die! Your narrow mind will die for sure.

You know what else I find interesting? Fake scientists. We create false conclusions that we draw in our minds from our 30second research , baseless hypothesis, skewed evidences and then we don’t leave it there, we go ahead and sell our fake ideas to other gullible fellows and they buy it and re sell it and the world goes round and then we say we are open and accepting.

If our creator wanted only safe, suit wearing, English speaking, jazz loving, church going, professionals, he does not need your help, he would have created just that. As far as we are concerned, we should all have similar interests, similar culture, similar religion, similar sect and even within the same culture, speak similar language! If we do not understand it or agree with it, we call it “weird”
You might want to create your own universe, but in the mean time and in this particular space, we are first human beings before Yorubas, we are first homo sapiens before Catholics and it’s the sum of our imperfect parts that make us a complete whole.

Throw away the self superior notion, toss the bias, get rid of the complexes and the critic…let us appreciate one another , learn from each other, swap ideas and cultures because if ever we are to live fully and optimize our time here on earth, it starts by being accepting of one another and quit striving to make duplicates of our selves. That is all!

Bourgy Babe
/Boogyee beib/