Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What are You Doing?

Dear Diary,

It’s an easy week for me and as I ponder on the craziness of last week-G20, President Jonathan in Toronto, Super Eagles been eliminated, socio-economic affairs, and all this happenings..i think..i think of Nigeria…my heart deliberates on Africa.

These events have caused some people to strike Nigeria down, It makes me question their faith (or lack thereof) some of us have lost the last bit of hope we bet on Africa and its people…I know Nigeria, (giant of Africa, most populous black nation on earth and very much endowed) was not invited to the G20 conference and we lost a chance to win the world cup to a much inexperienced team and some people seem to be really distraught and irate about that… almost to a pessimistic and cynical point. We get it. You’re disappointed…NOW WHAT?

Some people even went to the ridiculous point of calling the super eagles “super chickens” and “morons” and saying they deserved to die!! Can you imagine? I think its ridiculous, unnecessary and uncalled for!!

Have you asked If they had the right resources (a good coach) at the appropriate time to train for the world cup…? Can you guarantee they did not put their best foot forward? you think if they had the EXACT SAME atmosphere and resources that the Argentines had, they would not win the world cup??

If you did not ask these questions before ridiculing them and your country, guess who’s the super chicken and the moron and the fool? You guessed right...YOU!!

For Pete’s sake, all I’m saying is we all have a role to play in Nigeria/Africa
moving forward as a country and as a continent...stop pointing fingers and DO SOMETHING from where you are..yes you the international student from not partner with small minds to put Nigeria are NIGERIAN! You put it down, you put yourself the business owner…stop debasing your country..Foreigners view Nigeria from your eyes..And you wonder why you’re not getting that contract? After you’ve told them there’s no hope in Nigeria…you can DO SOMETHING about the situation..You the Engineer, I’m talking about you the hair stylist..uhmm hmm even you, the Customer Service rep, Stop waiting on those in authority to save can DO SOMETHING from your living room to change the country..after all we are the government of Nigeria..There’s nobody whose name is Nigerian Government..We are the government!!

In your own little way, do your part, play your role..take on the ambassadorial task that has been assigned to you and do it DILIGENTLY in HONESTY and INTERGRITY. I am so sick of hearing people point fingers at this and that and curse the government out..yes, I know they may not be doing their best..but what stops you from playing your role? I think from the way most of us behave from even little things assigned to us, we will do far worst if we’re ever in a position of power.

Remember,He who is faithful in little will be faithful in Much, Just saying!

Ehi Bourgeoisie

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Leap Of Faith

Dear Diary,

I know...i know...its been a whole week, but please believe the only reason to not visit my journal for some therapy and relief is when I’m too busy gathering more stories and learning more lessons.

Anyhow, so I’ve had an awesome time in the period I was MIA so many life lessons..i’d share them all as the need arises.

What I specifically want to talk about now is the fact that I’m learning to embrace CHANGE. In the last two days, I’ve had three very close people in my life tell me of some big moves and long strides they are taking. One is my sister who is moving away just to “test other waters” and the two others are really close friends moving to England and France respectively. When I first heard of these moves, my first thoughts were the fact that their move was a great loss to me but after a hours of letting the thought sink, I realize that is a selfish thought to nurse. Its not about me at all..Its about them and the great success that this change brings.

CHANGE in itself is the only single way of moving up..Even Physics teaches us that Motion can only come about from an equal and opposite action on an object (law of thermodynamics). Personally, taking a huge leap and making a radical decision is not a strong point of mine and so I’d usually think it over and over till I talk ME out of it.

However, what I have learned in time past and previous experiences is that, if you stop feeling fulfilled it any area of your life, you need to make a change..Change is anything that disrupts your normal procedure of doing things which can be something as little as taking a different route to work or as impactful as making a choice of a bizarre and unassuming spouse. Either ways, change is refreshing and could bring an extremely great result or a far-fetched success.

Today, i am inspired by all around me who have made changes to move to somewhere in the middle of nowhere to further their studies or to search for greener pastures or to find a husband lol.

I have decided to make a change that will definitely impact me and i’m trusting it is for good. It was very difficult doing this but i am taking this huge leap of faith and i will keep you posted on what it is.


I urge you to get out of your normal (whatever your normal is)

Insanity is defined as when you keep doing things the exact same way and expect a different result

If you are not seeing a favourable result in any aspect of your life, maybe you need to CHANGE. Its the only constant thing in life

P.S-Please don’t make any backward or irrational move without carefully thinking it over

Question For all: What do you think about changing locations JUST to "search for a spouse"
is it practical? is it smart? would you do it?
I really need to know what you think.Pls leave your comments. Thank you

Yours sincerely,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Diary,

I’m having an awesome moment right now!

I’m really thrilled and enthused about life right now..No, I didn’t get a promotion and I haven’t got my car yet or my fancy condo or stumbled unto some sweet molar deal. All it took to feel this estactic was to reminisce on my last 2 years and I just bursted out in praise and gratitude…when life hands us challenges and difficulties, its often hard to be of good cheer and recollect the seeming “little miracles” that has been delivered to you. Today, I stopped in my tracks to give thanks for an amazing last 2years.

As I began to fill my gratitude diary, I realized I had covered well over 3 pages. The more I wrote, the more I recollected.

I recalled the big moments and the small miracles and it just felt good to know even though I’m not where I want to be YET, I am certainly NOT where I used to be.

I have a lot to be thankful for so I’m not supplicating today just appreciating.

I am thankful for 134Elitz Magazine…even though I do not publish that magazine anymore, the doors that have opened to me as a result of that position have been mind blowing!

I am thankful for that night Tosin and I had no place to sleep, like we were BROKE BUSTED n HOMELESS we walked into a club and she uttered "i wish someone would just offer us a hotel now" Literally 2mins later, God brought a gentleman by the name of Bobby..he asked "Do you mind if i booked a hotel for you girls" hah!! Not only did we get a hotel, the offer came with meal and full tank of gas! and no, he didnt want anything..we havent seen him since then!

I am thankful for that moment I thought it was O-V-E-R for me on my way to Detroit with Nike and Tosin-Phew! That one defies human comprehension..verrry close call!

I am thankful for the instant bail out when I got an eviction notice on my door and literally hours later, God sent me rent for 4months!

I am thankful for when I had immigration complications and God once again came through for me. An immigration officer called me and said ‘Ehi, what do you want’..Blank cheque!!!!

I am thankful for the Bourgeoisie show! I’m living my life exactly like I dreamed!

I am thankful for my health-I sincerely do not remember what a hospital looks like, haven’t been in over 2decades!(no exaggerations here)

I am thankful for my job, my future, my relationship, my parents, my family, my awesome Destiny!

I could not write much, this is just one third of my gratitude diary..i wanted to inspire you to think..really think of what you’ve been through and all the close calls and the will be AMAZED.

I am thankful for YOU reading this..thank you for reading

Stay in an attitude of Gratitude,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yipee, Its Daddy's day!

Dear Diary,

Its June 20th and my calendar tells me it’s a day to talk about a man in my not that man..’m talking bout the one who sat and watched my infant head when mom was busy..the man who’s brake light and horn I could recognize miles away as it literally wiped off any foolishness I may have commenced..Yup, ‘m talking about the very man who’s furrowed brows made me tremble…Its daddy’s day today and I couldn’t help but acknowledge one of the few people who have instilled good values and virtue in me..MY DADDY!

Daddy didn’t always get to vacation in the finest places on earth because he believed he would rather spend the money on his children whom he believed so much in. He doesn’t live in a mansion or drive the latest cars as there is another asset that has a higher return on investment, ME!. So principled and ethical yet so humble, and I am convinced that If I lived on a quarter of the ethics he instilled in me, I will be alright. You did not have too much of a choice but thanks for being my daddy anywayz!

Dads come in all different shapes and sizes..All ages and personalities. They have their fortes and their soft spots, their habits and quirks.Where does yours fit in the mix?

My heavenly father rules but my earthly father rocks!

Acknowledge your Father Today.

Daddy’s girl,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Money Story

Dear Diary,

Its been a whole week i blogged..whoa!!

uhmm...what have i been up to? LOTS!

i've learned a lot in the last couple of dayz buh i will tell you about one lesson that stood out to me.

Two days ago, i had a conversation with my dad about a financial transaction and shortly after i hung up my friend inquired to know about my financial background in terms of spending behavior and how i grew up..

As i spoke to him on what seemed like a revelation that i'd just discovered, i concluded that:

Every single soul walking the surface of earth has a "MONEY STORY"

In my case, since i was brought up by a very thrifty and frugal father, i was taught you had to and save some more.

"Money does not grow on trees, you have to work hard for it" "you have to manage, i can’t afford it" “cut your coat according to your size” was a regular talk in my house.btw, these phrases were not tantamount to his bank account or a pay raise..the word “Manage” was just a CONSTANT and i consider my father to be a comfortable and rich man by any standard but i always had to ‘earn’ or account for every dime I spent.

Now, this is good discipline and I appreciate God for giving me a humble and prudent daddy every waking moment of my life.

However, I found that this money relationship ‘ve grown up with has made me give money more supremacy than it merits in my life. Instead of adopting the mindset that money is abundant and free flowing, my mind has subconsciously come to believe that I have to manage..Believe it or not, abundance starts from your thoughts and the conversation you have with yourself.

Some people have a story that tells them they do not deserve any good things for themselves..for others it might just be that the motive behind every one of your spending is wrong. Your motive could be to impress some body or to “show dem who’s boss” or to tell people you’re not doing badly and all these plus our experience, background, thoughts..etc… make up our beliefs and value system which make up money story.


Money is a force..if you're broke, its probably because something along the lines(thoughts, background, experience, mindset, tenet, belief) is BROKEN

Money is a spirit..if you're not experiencing its presence, maybe you need to literally invite it into your life and create a good atmosphere to thrive

Money is a mindset...if your financial reality is not pleasant, you need to tilt your head and look within and renew your mind

Money is a figure of speech..if your personal adjective is poor or "managing", you definitely need to change your money story

Lets break the forces of poverty thought by thought..dollar by dollar because our money story becomes our life story

Our money story permeates all we do: Its the decisions we take, its What we do, eat , read &listen to.. it all ties into our story. which becomes our life story!

What is your money story? Are you letting your experiences decide or are you consciously creating one?

Yours in Abundance
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Thursday, June 10, 2010

for the sake of DIVERSITY!

Dear Diary,

I’m not surviving. I am thriving.
In my various assiqnments, I am opportuned to deal with lots of people from varying cultures and backgrounds.
If there’s anything I’m fascinated about, it’ll have to entail DIVERSITY. I always wonder what life will be like if we all had the same fashion sense, fancied the same cars, spoke with the same accent and ate the same foods..what a bore that would in the light of diversity, me jus wan tel yuh what me eat yestiday, ACKEE &SALT FISH!! Well garnished with green bananas and yam.

Bwoy was it good!
If you don’t know, Ackee and Salt fish is the beaver and Maple syrup of Jamaica and to my non Canadian friends who don’t understand our obsession with the beaver, this meal is the only thing that matters on the Caribbean shores.
Today was my first time trying it though ‘ve always longed to try it, today a colleague of mine who's Jamaican by descent decided she was sick of hearing me ask what Ackee tasted like and so treated me to a dish of Ackee and saltfish.

But why the obsession with this food though? It’s the staple meal in Jamaica, eaten by some for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. People of Jamaican descent do not joke with this food..its a national heritage!

As I enjoyed the meal, it led me to ask some questions and do some research about this meal and I found out that Ackee can be a fruit or a vegetable, there’s a huge debate on what it really is since it looks like a fruit, has seeds but is grown like a vegetable, i learned that if not properly prepared/cleaned, it can be poisonous.. I also learned that this food was originally brought from West Africa and it’s a slave food!

There’s so much history and emotion Ackee and salt fish wonder why its such a unifying agent which forms bonds amongst the people

At my first bite of this “strange” food, evry thing tasted weird..buh as I kept on eating, I realize this is good food and it made me think of how many people must think the typical African food taste “bad” or “strange” cuz you’re not used to it..

I am reminded of when I had a Ghanian Staple, "Kenke" for the first time, I thought to myself, does food have to stink? Buh hey, when you get into it, you’re home with that delicacy or Sushi which I originally thought was nasty and gross..but today has made its way to one of my favourite meals and when am with my red dragon, nothing else matters!

Eating Ackee & Salt Fish with green bananas/yam @ work is the TRUTH!


Be open and accepting of other cultures because in as much as you think their food sucks, they def think you’re insane for eating all that 'molded substance' with slimy stuff you call soup!

No food was ‘created’ delicious…don’t confuse an acquired taste with a good taste. I realize evry one including corporations claim diversity but hardly does any one ever Walk the talk..try something from a different culture today... for the sake of DIVERSITY!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear Diary,

Oops! Its June 9th 2010, 8:50am?!?

Are you kidding me?

Oh hell Nooooo!!

Those were my exact words when I got to Ministry of Transportation(MTO) today.
I’d gotten up extra early today, 6:00am to get ready for my very awesome day where my i would be attempting this for the THIRD time.

*sweaty palms* diaorrhea* racing heart*cold feet*

I managed to scurry to the office where I was to take my drive test only to be told by this wonderful attendant “Ma’am, you are late for your test, you’ve missed it”

Are you serious?!? Crap sh*t! How? Why? What do you mean?
Anywayz, it turns out I was an hour late…A WHOLE HOUR LATE!! Can you believe it?

I was disappointed in myself for 3seconds..yup..only 3seconds and afterwards, I felt some sweet relief..the clammy palms disappeared…knots loosened from my world was alright again. I’m actually verrry happy at this point..’m not sure why, maybe cuz I know whether I like it or not, I will get my license in due time.

As i write this i think of how much I have grown..once upon a time, I woulda gone on a guilt trip for days and I guess am just starting to realize that while its great to get what you want NOW, it doesn’t always happen as planned and when you cant do much about “IT” i admit my mistakes (my irresponsibility) and deal with the consequences of being licenceLESS for a few more days and simply move on!


While you may not be able to control the things that happen to you/on you/against you/towards you, you are certainly in charge of how you react to it and how much of IT you let into your life

The next time you’re tempted to go on a blame/pity Party, CHOOSE differently. Choose to be happy and move on regardless!
So you wonder why I missed my test and ‘m happy? I CHOOSE TO BE...HAPPY!

what are you choosing today? you might need to choose again

Ehi Bourgeoisie

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Hair Stylist

Dear Diary,

Thank God for a new day… a new week… a new month. Its been a good summer thus far. I have a very good feeling about the month of June..its a month of Celebration so you best believe, I will have lots to celebrate this mid year.

I had a great weekend…apart from going to church and been really stirred up by my resourceful, funny and inspiring pastor, I hung out with my friends and went on a bowling/lounging date.

Anyhoo, today I wanna talk about my hair hair stylist from Ghana.
She just puts sense to the age old phrase “There’s dignity in labour”

So I had my hair done by her on Saturday and I tell ya…I have never seen anyone pay so much attention to a job..i literally had to beg her to allow me leave as my friend had been waiting downstairs to pick me up…she applies herself like her life depended on the job

Talk of attention to detail..finanlly I give her the last extension to finish up my braids and in excitement, I get up to leave..”she tells me ooh no Ehi, we are not done yet..i need to trim this and burn that and yea..put those strands in hot water..and oooh before you leave, let me get that braid spray cuz you’d need it.”

TRYING TO GET A GOOD SHOT(die hard photo blogger lol)
I hear you saying of course, “did you not pay her”..uh uh..’m talking of going the extra mile and going above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. you’d have to beg her to do a “lousy” job and she refuses blatantly!

You know I first found out about her when her little daughter walked up to me in Yorkdale mall a few months ago and said in the cutest and most polite voice “Excuse me, my mommy does hair” and extended a card to me. You know I thought to myself…”this is brilliant help to your mommy” and while I may not need this service I’d take it to encourage this kid..long story short, since I got that card, Maggie my stylist must have gotten at least 20 new customers from reccomendations..cuz I gave a recommendation to a friend who did the same and you know a good job ALWAYZ speaks for itself.

There’s dignity in GOOD labour…she may not have a huge salon right now..heck! she does not even have a salon..she does this marvellous job professionally in her living room with her little kidz but you don’t need the pomp and pageantry to “perform” a notable service. you just never know who’s doing a recommendation or who’s in neeed for your service or who’s watching..

Today, i am inspired by Maggie,my hair stylist from Ghana.She's a diligent, industrious, professional and thorough mother of two rendering excellent and affordable hair services. who/what inspires you?


If its worth doing, its worth doing well. I love that Maggie didn’t wait to get her own salon to start her business

You never know where your next break is coming a great job and let your works speak.

Yours in service
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Friday, June 4, 2010

Relax, your Time is coming!

Dear Diary,

i need a pep talk today.

I'm having a moody friday today. you know contrary to what you may think, i'm not alwayz pumped and ready to go..for the dayz that feel soo long because this depressing situation wont go away, i cry.

I find strength in shedding tears as i read that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

So i already feel the sweet relief and the after taste of this tears is flavorful.

Anywayz, i just hung up the line with my girl friend who incidentally feels unenthusiastic about her life right now as we both ranted and rambled about getting a better job and getting into Med school and for a few seconds it felt good to just complain paying that stupid bill and getting another apartment as my current apt pisses me off right now and i need to get a damnn car! arrrrgh! The other day, it rained in Toronto and the rain beat me soo much i was drenched and furious!!

ok..ok..'m done! am done ranting. my friend n i ended the phone convo relieving dayz that we would whine about getting into that school program or getting a job and guess what? 2years later,we have all of that so i learned that while the road may not seem that rosy (especially when you see your friends on facebook "living the life"), its important to know that:

1) Every one has their time.

2) Things have actually gotten alot better, you just dont see them.

Thanks for listening diary, I'M BACK! I FEEL GREAT ALREADY!

I scheduled a rant date with my girlfriend later today at a Nigerian restaurant. *Phone call in order to change the program to a gratitude date*


Once in a while, its okay to just vent off and get it all out of your system just dont dwell on the negativity

Sometimes life can get you down, find somebody who can lift your spirit not somebody to remind you of your failures

Take your eyez off every one else for now. Relax, your Time is coming!

Yours Sincerly,
Bourgy Babe

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Dear Diary,

Is it possible to be under the submission of the elements?

My friend has "depressing Mondays"

It sickens me that he actually believes it too

he thinks his mondays are alwayz gonna be depressing...he's soo sure of it and so therefore mondays deliver to him what he demands of it..mood swings..missed appointments..annoying nagging people..'stupid'drivers,

So i just spoke to him a few seconds ago and i asked him, howz ur day going?

And he gives me the same response he's given me for ages, "you know how my Mondays are, no need to ask..Depressing!"

Now, this individual is the most playful and cheerful person on earth! so for him to tag his mondays as depressing you know its a real problem.

I have heard this for sooooo long about this depressing monday and i am sick of
hearing the same response

Nywayz, i start telling him what i am telling you today, There's no such thing as depressing Mondays

you make Mondays what it is to define what it is and how it turns out

you are the friggin captain of this ship(btw, you are the ship)

You are the Boss..resume duty and stop letting the elements that are subservient to you dictate how your day should go..

As for me, i've decided that i will have:

Magnificient Mondays
Productive Tuesdays
Fruity Wednesdays
Wondrous Thursdays
Freaky fridays..nah, i kid Great fridays
Adventurous Saturdays
Soulful Sundays
and thats just me creating my dayz the way i like and
And i have defined my days like this and thats exactly what they are

Lessons Learned

Resume Duty as the boss-Remember you are the only one that creates

Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting

We are like magnets - like attract like. You become AND attract what you think

Yours Sincerly
Captain Ehi Bourgeoisie