Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Leap Of Faith

Dear Diary,

I know...i know...its been a whole week, but please believe the only reason to not visit my journal for some therapy and relief is when I’m too busy gathering more stories and learning more lessons.

Anyhow, so I’ve had an awesome time in the period I was MIA so many life lessons..i’d share them all as the need arises.

What I specifically want to talk about now is the fact that I’m learning to embrace CHANGE. In the last two days, I’ve had three very close people in my life tell me of some big moves and long strides they are taking. One is my sister who is moving away just to “test other waters” and the two others are really close friends moving to England and France respectively. When I first heard of these moves, my first thoughts were the fact that their move was a great loss to me but after a hours of letting the thought sink, I realize that is a selfish thought to nurse. Its not about me at all..Its about them and the great success that this change brings.

CHANGE in itself is the only single way of moving up..Even Physics teaches us that Motion can only come about from an equal and opposite action on an object (law of thermodynamics). Personally, taking a huge leap and making a radical decision is not a strong point of mine and so I’d usually think it over and over till I talk ME out of it.

However, what I have learned in time past and previous experiences is that, if you stop feeling fulfilled it any area of your life, you need to make a change..Change is anything that disrupts your normal procedure of doing things which can be something as little as taking a different route to work or as impactful as making a choice of a bizarre and unassuming spouse. Either ways, change is refreshing and unpredictable...it could bring an extremely great result or a far-fetched success.

Today, i am inspired by all around me who have made changes to move to somewhere in the middle of nowhere to further their studies or to search for greener pastures or to find a husband lol.

I have decided to make a change that will definitely impact me and i’m trusting it is for good. It was very difficult doing this but i am taking this huge leap of faith and i will keep you posted on what it is.


I urge you to get out of your normal (whatever your normal is)

Insanity is defined as when you keep doing things the exact same way and expect a different result

If you are not seeing a favourable result in any aspect of your life, maybe you need to CHANGE. Its the only constant thing in life

P.S-Please don’t make any backward or irrational move without carefully thinking it over

Question For all: What do you think about changing locations JUST to "search for a spouse"
is it practical? is it smart? would you do it?
I really need to know what you think.Pls leave your comments. Thank you

Yours sincerely,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Anyaposh said...

...moving to greener pastures to look for a spouse?

it depends on where you are & where you're going to. It may be worth it, if you're living in Nunavut. But may be pointless, if you're in Toronto or the middle of Lagos.

To each his/her own sha. I cannot relocate to find husband. my husband will relocate to find me!

Sisi Yemmie said...

So many of my friends r relocating to find a spouse...i wish them the best cos its not easy these days...lol...

Diamond said...

lol..ey interesting oh..haven't heard that except in the movies..can i move to find a spouse? nop dont think so except the area is filled with lucrative job opportunities which might produce good career driven men then yea i might consider..but out of the normal i wont..

nice post..Change is something that can give a different direction to someone's life. I wont say I like change but It has definitely help me grow and mature into a much stronger person which I believe will build me for the next phase in my life. Yes embrace change but make sure its not something you are doing to please other people.

Bourgy Babe said...

thank you for your comments ladies..

@Anyaposh, its funny i used to think the same way..but i think your spouse can be anywhere..even in Nunavut..i mean Toronto increases ur chances but you only need one spouse init..so 'HE'can be in Nunavut..buh yea..i def agree..he has to move to find his missing rib..i cant! lol

@sis yemmie..lol at "its not eazy" people think its not eazy thats why its not easy for them!

@Diamond..'m kinda in the middle like you, i need an extra incentive to make me move other than a spouse..i cant just move to Lagos ONLY cuz there's black men there! LOL

olusoji said...
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olusoji said...
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olusoji said...

may God help the poor unfortunate person who decides to up and leave for some backwater, Godknowswhere place in search of mr or mrs right. you only need to make yourself a little easier to find and just a little more eligible and slightly more approachable than the next tadpole(ok maybe that's too much) to find that you sunddenly have quite a few options. I've never believed that one needs to change extremely drastically to find that special someone but maybe I'm just a naive and blindly optimistic brotha.
but then again, maybe I'm not. its worked for me sofar......