Monday, November 15, 2010

Your 6th Sense

“Ojota Ojota ojotoaa!!!” ”Pay your money, lets gooo!!”

“Sissy, which way na? U no see say I wan pass? “

“should I fly? where you want make I go“…“e be like say you dey craze“.

.“ojota ..ikorodu“..“fine girl, I go carry you for free“…“God punish your fada, idiot!..“

“ abeg, who give you drivers license sef? “ “Oshodi Oshodi Oshodi.!!.“ “Aunty, u go buy orange? I go sell for you well”

If you have lived anywhere in Nigeria before, Paint the picture. this is a familiar roar..and except you live under a rock, you are no stranger to this raucity ..its prominent in cities like Lagos, New york, London, Toronto and even smaller ciies are not immune to the drama. I’m talking about the noise, the rowdiness, the chaos and structure or lack thereof.

It’s the Traders..Hawkers..Crazy Cyclists..Angry Motorists..Vendors.. Blaring horns, Curses (sensored and unsensored) flying all over and you are left behind to navigate and find your peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle

Peace and quiet is a luxury you compete for and when its all said and done your sanity compass boils down to how best you are able to utilize the noise around you and if all the that filters through your ears becomes background noise, you are on the upper echelon on a coping scale. However, if the noise becomes a focus or a distraction, let me welcome you to the league of extraordinary average people as you share the same story as many others.

The average person does not harness the potential of their 6th sense and will not stop to listen to their instinct. So I wrote a note about listening a post ago and today I experience first hand, the danger of downplaying your 6th sense.

It is now 10:20 am and I am currently writing away on the train when I should have been at work and the reason that I have been back and forth east -west today is because as soon as I heard my stop announcement on the train this morning ,I tossed the metro newspaper I was reading and I attempt to check the time and I realized ooops!! I don’t have my cell phone ..I had lost my cell phone ..Oooohh my! I def left the house with it but now squished between two folks on the subway, I cant feel my pouch on my hips..OMG..*freak out mode* check luck..darrrrnnn!!!

So I get outta the train and call my phone, no response..try a few more times, still no response..dayummm!! EhI, this is just sheer carelessness..chai!!

I start to think back to where or how my phone and pouch conspired to tick me off this morning to no avail..*high panic mode* lord pls let it land in the right hands

Few more calls and still no luck, *sober and reflective*

Then a familiar voice spoke up in the loudest ‘ve heard it ever ..'You were supposed to check the time after you'd gotten off the bus'..OMMMG!! I never did. I’m realizing that I was actually cautioned on losing my phone TWICE!!!

First, I remember looking at my pouch hanging loosely off my pocket and I thought to myself this phone can fall off anytime but I did nothing about it and didn’t even magnify that thought, it stayed off my radar.

2nd warning: While on the bus, a thought randomly occurred to me to check how long my bus trip was just after getting off.

If I had checked the time (which I would have done using my phone ) as my instinct suggested, I would have immediately noticed the loss of my phone or if I had changed the position from my pocket, all of this would not have happened.

Luckily, 2hours and 2 trips later I found my had indeed fallen in the right hands but I think its extremely important to rely on that still small voice that pops up every once in a while. To do this effectively, one has to wade and jostle through the Boisterousness and drama occurring around and find time to be still and listen.

Today, I learned to trust my instinct for directions, decisions and instructions

How is your relationship with your 6th Sense?

Yours sincerely
Bourgy Babe

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Dear Diary,

“God has been go…od to me, he has been fa..ith…ful, these are the words I mutter from my sleep as I lift the covers from my face and reach for the light switch.

This first 3seconds is usually the most quiet moment of my multitasking mind and so as I skip into the shower, these are the words I hear clearly, “Ehi, as you climb up higher, lift”..

Really? Whoa!!

I’d heard this before but it just passed right into my subconscious, never gave it a second thought as it applied to me so I hardly gave it any thought or expression but this voice in my head must have fought for an audience this morning so I listened.

How many times, do we scurry through our lives, day after day, week after week. Year after year and make moves contrary to what our earthly assignment is just because we failed to listen to our heart’s GPS.

Sometimes, we hear but we don’t listen. Many of us lead busy lives..we get so occupied with ourselves, career, relationships, what to wear, what to eat, what to tweet, who to tag, who said what and who did that, so much that we trample on our still small voice that’s there to lead us and guide us.

Speaking of our inner voice, I’m a big believer that everything we ever need to know (a plaguing issue, a major decision ) we already have the answers to. If ever you need a life guide, look no further, it all lies within. How many times do we find ourselves in despondable situations where we are at our wits end like trying to decide if it’s a left or right turn or trying to decide between two equally great programs to bag a masters degree or a job in completely different cities or trying to make the big decision of a life partner amongst many suitors.

I do not know anyone who hasn’t been confronted with big decisions yet often times what happens with us is we immediately declare a state of Confusion like the rate at which the average person says “I’m Confused” or “I do not know what to do” is in itself ‘Confusing’, like, when did we all get together to agree and decide to be confused?

The truth is you possess the means within you to know all Truth and if you’re still unclear about something, its because, you have not settled down to ask yourself probing questions and if you did, you have failed to LISTEN. You know that force within that just makes you gravitate towards a particular choice even when you don’t understand why? you should seek its counsel more often, its your instinct or your 6th sense and for some, its your sub-conscious helper and for some others, the holy spirit.

It speaks all the time, the question is, do you LISTEN?

Sometimes, all we need to solve that impossible situation is settle down and get away from everyone and everything (if need be) and just spend some quality time with our selves.

The problem is not that we are confused or do not know what to do, actually we know too much and have ALL the answers but we just dont LISTEN.

So what you're saying Ehi is that i just need to be boring and lonely and i will find an answer? USUALLY? YES!

And self care/soul searching is never have lots to talk about with yourself. Try it now, turn off the TV..shut down your YES RIGHT NOw!

Clear your mind..get a blank sheet of paper and just write down your solutions and answers..write whatever comes to mind..

i'll stop typing now because i have to do the same.

Have a blessed week ahead.

Bourgy Babe.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Dear Diary,

Today, I woke up with the song by William Mcdonell “I give myself away so you can use me”

And I sang that song in tears and in singing that song, I must have transcended into another realm cuz I was in tune with my spirit and every fibre of my being was in agreement with me.

As I think of myself in all my weaknesses, I’m reminded of my childhood days when I played with plastacine and clay to make creative pieces and I remember vividly how I’d struggle to even out all wrinkles and fault lines to gain the title of the “Finest Creative“ in class. Often times, when I am all done molding, some crease will appear from nowhere then I’ll go back to try to work on it some more just to at least get close to a perfect picture. Funny enough, whatever I molded came out ‘faulted‘ almost like some part always needed some pressing-in or some smoothing-out however, they all were unique and beautiful in different ways.

In my meditation this morning, I brought to my memory those days of clay work and it reminds me of my current state, FLAWED but PURPOSEFUL I consider. how weak and vulnerable I am at the time I mean I have shortcomings, I have weaknesses. Lots of them, I have faults…if I have to space shift into perfection, I couldn’t get there in a long time, yes, I’m a million miles away from perfection.

But I give up all of that to my inventor, he created me and I’m sure he chose to make me a prototype so I dare not think I’m all sufficient and i can "do bad all by myself". I bet when God made a mold of me, IT had holes..I reckon my clay had some uneven surfaces which I imagine he often had to smoothen out. However, he left some holes there and it was done on purpose.

Today, let me challenge you to pick yourself from whatever position your weakness has got you in, set free from the guilt and shame of not being a certain way, you were never created to be like someone else much less, perfect.

Today, I celebrate my inadequacies and my shortcomings because its given me such a sense of dependency and reliance on God and it doesn’t matter what I become or what I don’t, I forever praise God for making me ME, with all my baggage because I am FLAWED but PURPOSEFUL.

Yours in Submission
Bourgy Babe

This note was birthed from the comfort of my cozy bed.
At: 6:30am,November 1st 2010