Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dear Diary,

Its wet..its rainy..its cold..REALLY COLLLD..

No, its not my first fall or winter but I cant seem to get used to the cold..every year feels like my first..

So I sit here and await a client and before she gets here, I just have a minute to share with you what burden has been on my heart lately.

Is it too much to Ask that a Man whom you’re in a relationship with doesn’t cheat?

Recently, I did a study/research where I was lucky to pin some down some young men from African descent to have a talk with them on the subject of cheating…The results ladies, is astounding!…sadly astounding, that is.

Since I promised I was not going to mention any real names or start my gossip magazine, they were honest enough to open up to me.

The bottom line of the research was, I wish I never ventured..it broke my heart and confirmed my fears.

So, started I started with a 26 yr old man from Nigeria and asked him. “Tunde, do you think all men cheat?”

"Duh! Of course all men cheat, how you tink say we go survive”? we’re competitive by nature so to keep things exciting, we have to keep chasing and stay in the game".

Really?? This Is about a competition?

I ask Lenny from South Africa the same question and he was generous to give me some numbers.

"yea..i’d say 98% of us cheat and any man that tells you he doesn’t is a liar except he’s a pastor..and even that you never know (laughs) but we don’t do it to hurt our wives/girlfriends, we love our spouses nonetheless..and I’ll make it known to my mistress that there’s a MADAM and she comes first"

Wow!! *Heart Broken*

I wonder why men cheat..let me ask Tatenda, my friend from Zimbabwe.

"you wanna know? I don’t know why we cheat, there’s no WHY..I guess it’s the curse of man"!

And this is not a satisfactory answer for my pretty head, lets see what Hugue sayS

Hugue:"Madam women’s right activist, can you eat the same food all your life"?

Are you serious?? &*^%@!!! This is BS!!


Like that was not even bad enough, I asked some ladies about the situation of men cheating and one of them had this to say

"Yup,I know all men cheat and I make it clear to my husband to do it very far from me so I do not hear about it..i give him the permission to do it with white girls so I never find out”


Ladies o!!

One of them even jokes saying: "if Halle Berry can be cheated on, who are my"?

So just like every problem in life, when it arises, you seek a solution so I ask, what can a woman do about it? How can a cheating spouse be prevented and the response I got from both cheating males and females was NOTHIN!

“Personal care and maintenance may have been a driving force for me to look outside but that’s not the issue”

“Yea, you cant cook or clean or make me feel like a man, but that aside, I will still get my groove on..just not with you”

Now, you see why I’m bothered…it’s a crazy world out there.

More interesting than men who cheat, are the ladies who know they are Mistresses or ‘Plan B’ (as I like to call them) and still go ahead and frolick with another woman’s property..

I don’t like to play second fiddle and I cant settle to be #2 or the ‘Other woman’ that’s why I am determined to speak to the offenders of this Unpardonable crime and know what the hell they’re thinking.

*Stay Tuned*

Note that the result of this research is not conclusive.

To the 2% who respect the institution of marriage and understand the word ‘COMMITMENT’, congratulations!

Another dimension of this craze is women who have been involved with a married man or one who’s was in a relationship and were not aware!

I'm in talks with some of the victims of non-intensional home wreckage.


Are you one of the 2%?

Bourgy Babe


Affi.K said...

omo mehn...these stats are crazyyy! ehi pls come back with the part 2 results. Be like say I go enter monogamy with my self. Nuttin' do me!

angisok said...

my very miss women's acitivist.. nuthing do you at all. keep it up

adi said...

i am really intrested in this blogg

Chuzee said...


Chuzee said...

Bourgy Babe....what research methods did you apply...? Random sampling or...? llooolzzz. Neway, I liked the tone of the story... =)