Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Expression to your Inspiration

Dear Diary,

I have moved from been a cathartic writer to an inspirational writer within the space of 7months.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to pen my thoughts. I realise it’s a privilege and I do not take it for granted.

The wonderful news about a 4hr commute within the fine city of Toronto is the moments I share with myself…my thoughts are more profound ..my fountain of inspiration is spread across an assortment and wide array of elements. what I used to call chaos on the TTC is now to me a beautiful mosaic of different people with various agendas-Thank God for creativity.

So, its exactly 7:58am and I’m on the bloor-danforth subway line enroute to work and I pick up my “Open Heavens” to do my devotion (I’ve managed to channel my commute into my reading, devotion, writing, praying, observation, times) and I see "giving expression to inspiration.."

Afterwards, I proceeded to pick up yesterday’s Toronto Metro Newspaper and I read the success story of Canadian business, GOT JUNK” its an interesting story.
The brain child behind that business that is worth well over 100million dollars now, first got his inspiration and idea of been a ‘rubbish man’ at a McDonalds drive thru!!

A lot of times what happens with me and most others is we keep asking and praying for a break through and God doesn’t sell ‘breakthroughs’ rather he gives us the means to BREAK THROUGH through the most raw and basic ideas such that we can utilize the creativity and brains that he by the way has given us, to give form and birth these ideas.
Some of us (myself included) must realize that heaven doesn’t use currency…they have no money up there!none whatsoever to give us.
If the CEO of GOT JUNK had not acted fast on the idea that came to him when that junk car passed by him at the McDonalds drive thru, can you imagine what he’d have lost out on?

A moment of brilliance can come to you at any time, its best to pen down your thoughts and not dismiss it as ridiculous..that “Ridiculous” idea just might be your meal ticket and its unjust and unfair to yourself to not give it expression.

Once again, I’m thankful for my portable laptop, its probably the best gift I’ve gotten this year and was given to me by a special person. Because of this laptop I’m able to write as many thoughts and ideas as they flow to my mind and take it every where I go. You too can journal your thoughts on a note book or a diary or an electronic device like I do.

Either ways, remember to give Expression to your Inspiration as they come!

Yours Creatively,
Bourgy Babe

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Diamond said...

Now u've got me thinking..very inspiring..
P.s i love taking the TTC..u sure get to see things..well said