Monday, May 31, 2010


*Read post on DONT AGREE before reading this*

Dear Diary,

Sorry for the break in transmission…I was about to round up my last post when I had a call to attend to a client but after attending to this person, i became so provoked and aggravated with this issue of complacency, I just had somebody ask me
is there was an expiry date to a shelter?!?

Are you serious?

You’ve been in that shelter for well over 5years and you ‘re not tired?!? Get your butt off the welfare line and get a damn job! People like you make my skin color symbolize lack. *hiss*

I know sometimes you need a hand up and shelters or government housing can be a sweet resort but pretty please can you not make that a permanent housing?

Ahhhh…I just needed to get that off my system..k..where was i? I was talking about how you’ve
become comfortable with your $45,000/yr…ooh sorry, that sounds like big money to you eh?

The worst part is there’s something else you’ll rather be doing than sitting there with a plastered smirk on your face!
Okay, ‘d speak for myself here…working a 9-5 doing the rat race earning $45,000/yr wasn’t my original plan (That’s a hypothetical number, not what I earn!)
I’m sticking to my original plan cuz ‘m loyal like dat…i refuse to agree to barely getting by and having not-enuf..i just DON’T AGREE to this threadmill…so join me, lets stick to the original plan of been the great (whatever you’d rather be doing) we intended.

You know, I heard my pastor say something the other day that was so eye opening. When you throw a frog that’s been in cold water into boiling water, the frog LEAPS! And jumps what nonsense is that? But when a frog is thrown into cold water and you gradually turn up the temperature of the water, the frog slowwwwly adjusts to the temperature...then the water gets hotter and still the frog adapts and even when its unbearably hot and boiling..the frog stays there and just dies. That’s how some of us have become, we have agreed to the unpleasant situation.


God does not change what you can tolerate or endure

I have learnt that the reason many people will die in their undesired state is because they are not yet fed up with it

If your attitude towards a negative trend is silence, then that’s proof that you are still enjoying it..expect the temperature to get hotter

DON’T AGREE to just be another statistic. There’s a better way to live, invite PROSPERITY & FULFILLMENT to your life today

Yours Sincerly
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Dear Diary,
I’m having a great summer…gotta love the weather. Over the weekend, I did lots! Hung out with cool people, played a lot , went to a soccer match, picnicked, cooked some delish Nigerian delicacy.

At the soccer match...My team which was my church kicked ass by the way.
Ade..playing with a kid as usual

BBQ at Mississauga Valley was fun
In all my walk-a-bouts, I caught up with old friends in Nigeria and do you know what the biggest wake-up call is? When someone in Nigeria starts to ask you “whats up with you? “ You know that type of qyestion that makes you think of your life??…and if you’re still tryna put one and two together, you start stammering and stuttering .uhmm hmm! And if you’re like me, just take the school cover, “oh am in school now” this school excuse ehn…school no dey end? Ahn ahn..u’ve been there since like 4ever! *Jokes*

Anywayz, Remember when you first moved to your present country from wherever you were? If you’re like me, moving from Nigeria to Canada comes with a lot of promises to oneself. You had dreams you wanted to fulfill, you had plans..BIG PLANS to do something that’s of worth and make those hard earned ‘international dollars’ your parents doled out count for something.

You were going to do exploits…and all those “Oyinbo” (white)people you heard of that lived pay cheque to pay cheque and lived off credit cards, uhmm that certainly wasn’t gonna be you. Even that your aunty that has been In America for the longest time and has a house but its not really her house cuz if she defaults on her mortgage, the bank will come and collect whats rightfully theirs. You didn’t really get that neither did you subscribe to that type of credit lifestyle...infact, you probably criticized her saying,” is it by force to drive a BMW? if you cant pay cash for it Trek na”

One question: what happened?!? How come? How did it come to be that even you now has 7 credit cards and you’ve become comfortable with that 9-5 that you very much dread?
What happened to all your BIG dreams to do this and do that? And be this and be that?
Wait don’t answer, I’ll tell you. You’ve become complacent!

You have AGREED!

*plz read part 2* STICK TO THE PLAN*

Yours Sincely
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Friday, May 28, 2010

You are about to go on stage

Dear Diary,

Tis the season to be expectant.

We are only 3 dayz away from June. I think its not the start of the New year that should be celebrated but also Mid year.

So, ve been thinking of what to share you know I share my life activities with you and draw a lesson or two cuz am of the opinion that God gives us a lesson evry day in this grand school of “Life Experience”

So in the last few dayz, ve been praying… a lot. ve been praising… a lot. ve been studying the word… a lot. ve been spending time with God...alot. ve been “churching”…alot. And while I was at it yesterday in church, these words resonated in my spirit.

“You’re about to go on stage” and I thought about You.

I hope you’ve set the stage…I pray you didn’t take it lightly…I wish you realize the grandness of this stage…you cant invest cheaply on it…you have to use quality materials on this stage…I hope you didn’t contract it out to someone to build for you cuz I guarantee they wouldn’t build it like you would…Did you check if the right screws were in? cuz either wayz, you’re about to go on stage and I don’t want it cracking down on you..

As I write this now, I think of Lupe Fiasco’s “If you are what you say you are, a superstar, then have no fear. The camera’s here and the micro phones and they wanna know”

If you haven’t started setting the stage, please start now, don’t delay your spotlight

A picture of fireworks i took on Victoria day

Mic Check 2-1-2
My name is Ehi Bourgeoisie

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Skating Rink

Dear Diary,

Once again, i wanna say how so ever grateful i am so share so much with you my confidante. As i ink these words daily, i am forever grateful for this outlet to completely be myself free of judgement or criticism also i am not oblivous of the fact that one or two people are getting blessed from this so for that, 'm thankful.

Anywayz, let me tell you what i did last nite before i gear off topic..So i had a smashing time yesterday as i went roller skating with a few good friends..did i say SMASHING time? i mean butt slamming time!

It was "off da hook" for a lot of reasons..first, i got to chill with my peeps then i enjoyed a 90minute workout then i fell..then i learnt some life changing lessons..then i fell some more..then i had a goood laugh..then i FELL SOME MORE!then something interesting happened..evry time i fell, i got right up faster, easier, quicker, less embarassed than the previous fall and i got better at this skating business. Also, evry time my friend would try to pull me up, i would drag them down..slippery..slippery rink..i tell ya.I had maaad fun skating and the musiq was greaaat..i'd have to say its been the BEST Work-out-tainment ever!

All my friends were learners..none of us had mastery of this sport before now but most of us left there skaters...few of my friends were too scared to go on the rink so they didnt fall..but they didnt skate! But i noticed that one of my friends fell the least 10times but he was the BEST skater of the nite..

Now,this was such an inspiring experience for me cuz trust me there was tons of lessons to be learned at that skating rink. One thing i really noticed about me was every time i fell, i conceived it in my mind i fell in my mind before i really fell for real..for me a beginner, skating was like a sweet tune which i just enjoyed until "DOUBT" set in and disrupts the tune..THEN I FALL!

when i think about it, Life is just like a skating rink...and i could go on and on and tell you at least 20 Life Lessons i got outta Roller skating yesterday but i'd rather continue another day.


Those who dont try dont fall but they dont succeed either

The minute you differentiate between when you fail and when an attempt fails, you woulda been 90% close to the finish line

Accept falling as a learning experience not as an end product

From the background, Skating is the easiest thing to do until you try it! Be slow to criticize people's works my verrry sloooow

Associate with people who are experts at what they do cuz two amateurs only pull each other down

F.E.A.R-False Expectation Appearing Real-really only exists in your mind and you fall in your mind before you fall in reality

We are all skating in different rinks. In my rink, there's lots of failed attempts and butt slamming but there's lots of RISING and get-back-up-again moments.

What goes on in your rink?

Yours Sincerly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dear Diary,

ahhhhhhhh.....that was a NICEEE deeep breath..Times like these are when it feels like the hotttest part of Africa or somewhere on the island dont mean squat cuz of the niceNESS of the weather in toronto.

My heart is gladdened. I love the sunshine.i love the scotch of the sun on my back. its eye candy to see my wrist tan.

Anywayz, its the first day of the week here in Toronto and 'm not sure how your Victorian weekend was but mine was Awesome!

i did Church, i did a few other outings inluding a Cruise and a picnic.

So 'm taking a walk with my friend on the Harbour front on this beautiful day and i see a bunch of people standing outside by the harbour apparently getting ready to sail and a gentkeman walks up to us and asks if we're part of the group and we said No, we were just passing by.Anywayz, to cut the long story short, they invite us aboard and treat us to the WARMEST, SWEETEST, KINDEST boat Cruise EVER!

I have never seen such NICENESS done to strangers like us in my life before. They made sure we were fed..(THREE COURSE MEALS)..Most of them walked up to us to introduce themselves all very happy and delighted to have us onboard..evry now and then somebody would come to u and ask if you were HAD to be okay at that cruise.

On this lovely 4hour cruise, The energy on the cruise was great..the laughter and dancing was uplifting, The food, DELISH...even the sea was was a SMOOTH SAIL indeed.

Enjoyed evry bit of the Spontaneity!!

As these people treated me to the best sail, i thought to myself, would i do this for a complete stranger?

I wondered how many times we by pass our friends how much more people we dont know..

I wanna challenge you and i to cozy up to people during these warm times..make someone feel loved and special in your own way.

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Curriculum of love

Dear Diary,

Plz Teach me how to love.

And 'm not tryna be poetic or mushy..i really would like to learn how to go about this business of Loving.

I was chatting with a girlfriend the other day and part of what we spoke about was the non simplicity that exists in the very area of relationships .

As one who just got out of one, she insists that keeping a decent love life between two parties waz not rice and beans!

First off, we know we takes more than love to keep a relationship and its very possible to one to claim he's in love with you and still cheat on you..why though?

Also, how come you're with that partner of yours, you know he doesnt care about you one bit..he's even cheating on you and letting you know it and he claims he can get whatever girl he wants but you're still there! you're waiting for him to change..he treats you like dirt..talks down to you..scolds you before his buddies..buh you're goin nowhere cuz "you're in love"!!

you're tied up wanna leave but you dont have the ability and courage to LEAVE!

Anywayz, all of this got me thinkin about a skool of love.

i wonder if it will be such a bad idea to include the study of relationships, love, feelings in a college/university curriculum cuz its one issue that affects every one..young n old alike..

So he's cheating on you..should you leave? should you tolerate? Its up to you!
what your self worth?

when should you call it quit? i dont know!

how much can you take? Whats your price?

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Better Story

Dear Diary,

Its friday...i'm laying low today...doing some house work and I want to share a thought ve held since yesterday evening.

Yesterday, i attended a friends wedding.It was my first Thursday wedding..i loved it! why do most poeple get married on saturday again? why dont we ever question the "NORM"? uhmm...different talk for another day.

Anyhoo, as the dancing progressed on this lovely occasion, my mind drifted away and i started to think of how each and every one of us are story tellers by that i mean that every time you meet a person for the first time, right from "HELLO" you are telling a story..yOUR STORY. and we all know that but i wonder how many of us know that other than been story tellers, we are also story shapers!

in all our different relationships as brothers, sisters, mothers, friends, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, colleagues, partners, teachers, neighbours and just human beings, we all shape people's stories with our presence in their lives..some obviously more significant than others

Depending on the level on our relationship with others, our actions or INactions can define people's route in life..

As i am brought back from my wondering thought by the sound of "Ayefele" (Fuji music) at this reception, i am convinced that relationships can shape stories, change life routes and alter destiny completely.

Fancy an average girl getting married to someone from a royal background and heritage! Automatically you're upgraded from a Ms to a charming title like "your majesty"....your story changes from a job hunter to an employer of labour..a debtor to a custodian of treasury and wealth... now thats a destiny changer!

Funny enough, it doesnt take a royal to shape a story. you and i can be good story shapers. Using your influence, connections, giftings, talents and ideas, you can make somebody's story better.

Make some one's story better because they are dating you
Make some one's story better because they work with you
Make some one's story better because they are family

Remember my hustle to catch a bouquet last month? (Refer to previous post)

Well, guess what? i caught it this month

you should have seen how people were congratulating me? hah!

i started to feel like a bride..When older people actually walk up to you and show good gestures and pray for you cuz you caught a bouquet?

boy, i started planning my wedding yesterday..LOL!

After i caught the bouquet!
i was really thrilled.

its a little thing i call STRATEGIC POSITIONING!

I had a blast yesterday, hope you have a splendid LOOOOnng weekend!


Determine to stop telling the story and start making it betteri

One way to make a story better is to Be geninuely interested in people

Yours Sincerly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tweeting and Staying Open-minded

Dear Diary,

I'm "getting with the program"

I just joined Twitter and 'm been followed!?!

should i be afraid??

Can i UN-stalk? lol

Its soo interesting how things appear different when you're not used to them..

I could never understand life from a "Tweeters" perspective..i think i kinda get it

now that 'm on...But it took being a Tweeter to embrace Tweeting!

Which leads me to my next random thought...when you look thru your lenses only, you

fail to see things from another's point of view and i remember i could never get the

obsession with Twitter and i would alwayz say, whats the point of Twitter when

there's facebook?? or Myspace?

or why subscribe to the Black berry craze when i iphone is the best invention since

sliced bread?

I thought FB was the be all end all..buh to think there's people still not buying

into social netowrking in general, i could never get i realize how narrow

minded i must have appeared bashing twitter, Blackberries..and even bashing non-

subsribers to social networking in general.

They (non social networkers) probably dont even get OUR obesession with Facebook n

Twitter either.uhmm....i wonder if they think we're lost in our own self absorbed

virtual world.

if i may ask, what lenses are you looking at life from?

Could it be that you're viewing life from a single perspective? Are you only looking

at one might need to switch lenses..

I challenge you to get outta your "tiny caves"..there's a world to be lived outside

yours..there's people to be met...there's new things (like the absence of

technology) to be tried.

Dont get trapped in your own world..Live.Embrace.Adventure

How many Legs does this Elephant have?

It depends on what angle you see it from!


Staying open minded and accepting to seemingly different and "weird" perspectives you may not understand evry one or may not be used to evry thing but i beg you broaden your horizons and expand your tentacles.

Yours Sincerly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let your light shine!

Dear Diary,

Its another beautiful day and i'm just loving it.

Yesterday, i had a conversation with a friend of mine and in the course of our convo, the subject of dressing up was brought up and she was of the opinion that depending on the occasion and who your friends are, you should not "overdress" else people would feel intimidated.

Is there any one else that shares in this same school of thought?

This reminds me of when i got in "trouble" for "OVERDRESSING" to work!

And the justification was when you're dealing with people far below the economic ladder, you dont wanna scare them away or intimidate them hence one way to relate to them is to dress somewhat similar!

I gotta tell ya..i tried for the next couple of dayz..but There's no way i was buying that..

I'm back to being ME cuz i'm a big believer that playing small in the name of humility serves no one!

In subsequent weeks and after a few meetings, A new HR manual was released at my work place and of course the "Work Attire" Section was edited but the last thing i am doing is to step down to your level to relate with about you come up here to view is gorgeous!

How many times do we resist sharing ourselves and our talents for fear that others may feel intimidated?

Let me tell're not in this world to conform but to be a shining example of what marvel your heavenly father has made so dont strip God of his glory by limiting yourself..he has a stake in your success.

Its not Humility to have a gift and ignore it for fear of "showing off"

Let your light shine!


In all of this, i am reminded of a wonderful quote by President Nelson Mandela.

"Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not in just some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others".

Yours Sincerly,

Ehi Bourgeoisie

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The power of CONSISTENCY

Dear Diary,

On this wonderful springy day , i am indeed thankful for the gift of life and the gift of expression by writing.

Just thinking back to when I first decided to blog. I decided to do it because I was convinced every day presented an opportunity to learn something new. I believe we can always find something to be sad about but we can always find something to be grateful for and if we tweaked and fine-tuned our lives with our daily experiences, we would achieve greatness.

If we listened to the still small voice in our heads and opened our eyes to just appreciate the gift packages God gives us every day by the day of Experience, we would have tons to live for. For this very reason, I blog.

First I journalled...i've done that for so many years now and I have seen my life go a certain direction because I wrote..i have seen ME take certain steps and make major moves cuz I dared to ink the vision and i urge you to do the same.

Anywayz, there’s a certain trait which ‘ve been working on for a long time and I see it in a few people’s character and ‘m in Awe!

i've come to see it alot in some young Entrepreneurs and business owners and since ‘m workin on it on my personal ,professional and spiritual life, I am doing better by the day. This trait differentiates winners from losers..It defines Champions. It sets the tone for success. Its called CONSISTENCY!

I’m a big believer that when you do something over and over again, you get GOOD at it.
So I’m challenging you to get consistent in doing something that counts..maybe its reading a book a week, running once a something about your dream..doesnt matter if its "crap" @ the beginning, Just keep doing it!

That which we persist in doing becomes easier - not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do has increased.

Yours Sincerly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dear Diary,

As i sit here and ponder on whats supposed to be my last few minutes before i call it a day at work, a few images are brought to mind and as i gaze out my window , i am reminded of how intense and yet so intensional life makes us.

I think about the dayz i really got desperate to qualify for evry stage in life..Right from Elementary school, and how i had to pass my exams to be admitted to my High school and when i got there..i had to "hustle" for snacks (Provisions) in boarding school then i enjoyed that excited then yearned to leave soooo bad and i had to get really high scores in SSCE to be admitted into the University of my choice.

The minute i got into University of Portharcourt..i literally thought the world was coming to an end..i thought i was on top of the world..scheww..UNDERGRAD! then soon enough that phase passed out and in less than a year, i was desperate again..this time to just leave the country!

Alas, i got a VISA! got into college and this time i was sure i was the Sh**! Enjoyed that phase

Sure enough, i got tired and outgrew that stage and i just couldnt wait to make myself useful in the labour i longed to pay my own bills amd cater to myself.

Now, that is all done, i cant wait to get married and start my really is on stages eh..LOL..LOL..whoops! 'd been laughing for the last minute or two..when i realize it, i see my colleague just standing there looking at me in awe..wondering why 'm laughing to myself.

It kills me evry time i see it. so ve called it

In all this i realize what has really kept me and most of you going is the fact that just like this image depicts, we've had to push, shove n kick to "Move Over" to the next stage.

We've had to deliberately intend to pass our exams, put in that appplication, attend that long hours for that tough course even if it meant pulling several all nighters..

We have PUSHED!

wE have been deliberate about what we want. so why relax now??

You know its Time for the next stage and your complacency isnt letting you move up

Isnt it time we got serious and deliberate about our next stage?


Yours Sincerly
Ehi Bourgeosie

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Be Inspired

Dear Diary,

I am inspired by life.

Ve not been feeling too good in the past few days..just a little I cuddle up with a cup of tea in my duvet watching my new favorite series-Welcome To Lagos-

“Welcome to Lagos” is an observational documentary that portrays the lives of hardworking, poor Nigerians who strive to make ends meet working in extreme conditions.

I already feel better watching these inspiring stories…

It makes you realize that you have no excuse but to come out of your situation victorious..most people I know including myself were extremely astonished to find out that real people actually go through these hardships on a daily basis and still manage to find happiness and gratitude from their dump!

I think one has to find out what drives him/her..cuz that’s whats gonna keep you going..Joseph in the documentary says ” he’s inspired by his family..even if there’s a stinkier dump, he’ll work there just to keep his family”

There are ample opportunities and resources for one to create a suecess story but the question is “Are you harnessing all your chances”?

My eyez lit up when I heard that slender just got a new gig to be performing in England at the end of the month!!!

’m proud of him. Its what happens when opportunity meets preparation.

yours sincerly
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FRESH beginnings!

Dear Diary,

It’s a New Day.

It’s a New Month.

It’s a New Season.

So my past couple of dayz has been very eventful & Impactful.

Its an exciting time in my life as I’m venturing new assiqnments and taking on new exciting Tasks. I will keep you posted as it all unfolds.

For me, the month of May means different things. It represents Freshness.
This month has brought: New Challenges
New Opportunities
New Things!

Its almost Mid-year so its that time of the year when I access myself and think along the lines of New year Resolutions and where I have fallen behind on my vows.
Fortunately, I don’t buy into New Year Resolutions. I make resolutions every day..every week..every month.

Like an old ishan proverb would say, whenever you wake up, that’s when your morning starts.

So ‘m just basking in this freshness and savoring every minute of May
Evry Month brings with it New Blessings…Tap in!

Lessons Learned
Start From where you are and make fresh goals and Resolutions

So you set some goals in January to get a better job or to get outta that defeating relationship or to get a befitting relationship or to meet a life partner or to eat right or to get a better relationship with that family member or to save more or to deal with that anger issue or to write that book or to lose that last 10 pounds dammit!

And you feel you’ve fallen behind on your goals.who cares?!?

You know what I say.


You’re the only player in this game. You CANT lose.

Its a FRESH beginning!

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie