Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tweeting and Staying Open-minded

Dear Diary,

I'm "getting with the program"

I just joined Twitter and 'm been followed!?!

should i be afraid??

Can i UN-stalk? lol

Its soo interesting how things appear different when you're not used to them..

I could never understand life from a "Tweeters" perspective..i think i kinda get it

now that 'm on...But it took being a Tweeter to embrace Tweeting!

Which leads me to my next random thought...when you look thru your lenses only, you

fail to see things from another's point of view and i remember i could never get the

obsession with Twitter and i would alwayz say, whats the point of Twitter when

there's facebook?? or Myspace?

or why subscribe to the Black berry craze when i iphone is the best invention since

sliced bread?

I thought FB was the be all end all..buh to think there's people still not buying

into social netowrking in general, i could never get it..now i realize how narrow

minded i must have appeared bashing twitter, Blackberries..and even bashing non-

subsribers to social networking in general.

They (non social networkers) probably dont even get OUR obesession with Facebook n

Twitter either.uhmm....i wonder if they think we're lost in our own self absorbed

virtual world.

if i may ask, what lenses are you looking at life from?

Could it be that you're viewing life from a single perspective? Are you only looking

at one angle..you might need to switch lenses..

I challenge you to get outta your "tiny caves"..there's a world to be lived outside

yours..there's people to be met...there's new things (like the absence of

technology) to be tried.

Dont get trapped in your own world..Live.Embrace.Adventure

How many Legs does this Elephant have?

It depends on what angle you see it from!


Staying open minded and accepting to seemingly different and "weird" perspectives you may not understand evry one or may not be used to evry thing but i beg you broaden your horizons and expand your tentacles.

Yours Sincerly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


poojie-poojie said...

yes yes yes.,....the iphone is betterrrrrr.lol. Thank you

Anonymous said...

girl..Broadennnnnn ur mind..lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you is better Ehi. just you.

Omon said...

Eyoweh you seem to be gettin better at this bloggin bizness !! who would hav thot huh !