Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dear Diary,

As i sit here and ponder on whats supposed to be my last few minutes before i call it a day at work, a few images are brought to mind and as i gaze out my window , i am reminded of how intense and yet so intensional life makes us.

I think about the dayz i really got desperate to qualify for evry stage in life..Right from Elementary school, and how i had to pass my exams to be admitted to my High school and when i got there..i had to "hustle" for snacks (Provisions) in boarding school then i enjoyed that stage..got excited then yearned to leave soooo bad and i had to get really high scores in SSCE to be admitted into the University of my choice.

The minute i got into University of Portharcourt..i literally thought the world was coming to an end..i thought i was on top of the world..scheww..UNDERGRAD! then soon enough that phase passed out and in less than a year, i was desperate again..this time to just leave the country!

Alas, i got a VISA! got into college and this time i was sure i was the Sh**! Enjoyed that phase

Sure enough, i got tired and outgrew that stage and i just couldnt wait to make myself useful in the labour force..how i longed to pay my own bills amd cater to myself.

Now, that is all done, i cant wait to get married and start my family..life really is on stages eh..LOL..LOL..whoops! 'd been laughing for the last minute or two..when i realize it, i see my colleague just standing there looking at me in awe..wondering why 'm laughing to myself.

It kills me evry time i see it. so ve called it

In all this i realize what has really kept me and most of you going is the fact that just like this image depicts, we've had to push, shove n kick to "Move Over" to the next stage.

We've had to deliberately intend to pass our exams, put in that appplication, attend that interview..study long hours for that tough course even if it meant pulling several all nighters..

We have PUSHED!

wE have been deliberate about what we want. so why relax now??

You know its Time for the next stage and your complacency isnt letting you move up

Isnt it time we got serious and deliberate about our next stage?


Yours Sincerly
Ehi Bourgeosie


Anonymous said...

LOL......EHILOMENNNNNNN.....Way to put it our there....

Anonymous said...

lol lol...so glad i was at the back when those shots were taken.....they too funny

btw I luv your blog !!

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