Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FRESH beginnings!

Dear Diary,

It’s a New Day.

It’s a New Month.

It’s a New Season.

So my past couple of dayz has been very eventful & Impactful.

Its an exciting time in my life as I’m venturing new assiqnments and taking on new exciting Tasks. I will keep you posted as it all unfolds.

For me, the month of May means different things. It represents Freshness.
This month has brought: New Challenges
New Opportunities
New Things!

Its almost Mid-year so its that time of the year when I access myself and think along the lines of New year Resolutions and where I have fallen behind on my vows.
Fortunately, I don’t buy into New Year Resolutions. I make resolutions every day..every week..every month.

Like an old ishan proverb would say, whenever you wake up, that’s when your morning starts.

So ‘m just basking in this freshness and savoring every minute of May
Evry Month brings with it New Blessings…Tap in!

Lessons Learned
Start From where you are and make fresh goals and Resolutions

So you set some goals in January to get a better job or to get outta that defeating relationship or to get a befitting relationship or to meet a life partner or to eat right or to get a better relationship with that family member or to save more or to deal with that anger issue or to write that book or to lose that last 10 pounds dammit!

And you feel you’ve fallen behind on your goals.who cares?!?

You know what I say.


You’re the only player in this game. You CANT lose.

Its a FRESH beginning!

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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