Monday, May 31, 2010


Dear Diary,
I’m having a great summer…gotta love the weather. Over the weekend, I did lots! Hung out with cool people, played a lot , went to a soccer match, picnicked, cooked some delish Nigerian delicacy.

At the soccer match...My team which was my church kicked ass by the way.
Ade..playing with a kid as usual

BBQ at Mississauga Valley was fun
In all my walk-a-bouts, I caught up with old friends in Nigeria and do you know what the biggest wake-up call is? When someone in Nigeria starts to ask you “whats up with you? “ You know that type of qyestion that makes you think of your life??…and if you’re still tryna put one and two together, you start stammering and stuttering .uhmm hmm! And if you’re like me, just take the school cover, “oh am in school now” this school excuse ehn…school no dey end? Ahn ahn..u’ve been there since like 4ever! *Jokes*

Anywayz, Remember when you first moved to your present country from wherever you were? If you’re like me, moving from Nigeria to Canada comes with a lot of promises to oneself. You had dreams you wanted to fulfill, you had plans..BIG PLANS to do something that’s of worth and make those hard earned ‘international dollars’ your parents doled out count for something.

You were going to do exploits…and all those “Oyinbo” (white)people you heard of that lived pay cheque to pay cheque and lived off credit cards, uhmm that certainly wasn’t gonna be you. Even that your aunty that has been In America for the longest time and has a house but its not really her house cuz if she defaults on her mortgage, the bank will come and collect whats rightfully theirs. You didn’t really get that neither did you subscribe to that type of credit lifestyle...infact, you probably criticized her saying,” is it by force to drive a BMW? if you cant pay cash for it Trek na”

One question: what happened?!? How come? How did it come to be that even you now has 7 credit cards and you’ve become comfortable with that 9-5 that you very much dread?
What happened to all your BIG dreams to do this and do that? And be this and be that?
Wait don’t answer, I’ll tell you. You’ve become complacent!

You have AGREED!

*plz read part 2* STICK TO THE PLAN*

Yours Sincely
Ehi Bourgeoisie