Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dear Diary,

Its been a very busy and mind blowing last 24hrs.

Some very note worthy moments have ensued in the last day and two . some I will share..others I will not bother with in this post.

Over the weekend, I was busy with planning and hosting events which led me to have a fun and exhausting weekend and amongst the events I was involved with was an African Business Conference which kept me busy for the last little while.

Anyways, as I listened in this conference and absorbed what the key note speakers had to offer on investing in Africa, I began to really ponder on how the term Africa is synonymous with poverty, hunger & lack. How did it come to be that the same place where the entire human race evolved from has come to be known as “the dark” continent? What are the chances that an average person who’s dependent on the media for news or info would vacation or honey moon in Africa? NONE!

As my mind wondered away at that conference, gruesome, horrific and dreadful images of Africa filled my mind..i struggled with finding better images but the more I fought it the more vivid the images became..lack..malnutrition..hunger…death…HIV..just ABJECT POVERTY!

Can we find people NOT dying of mal nutrition in Africa?

Yess we can!.. I know my parents are doing great and no, they’re not looters!

Yess we can! Cuz I know my friend’s parents don’t live in mud houses and huts as media makes us believe.

Yess we can! as I have friends there who live in mansions and drive the best cars and have chefs and maids and live a verry good life all LEGITIMATELY and don’t own a single credit card!

Yes, I am touched that the rest of the world thinks about me (Africa) evry so often and dips their hand in their pockets to donate to a good cause. I appreciate the kind gesture but its time I showed the world a different side of me.

I am tired of the perpetual depressing face of AFRICA So, Forget the donations love, Keep your charitable contributions, That’s not what sustains me…stop the aid, what I need Is a hand up not a hand out.


it began to really dawn on me that while media has had a pretty big bite of the self esteem of Africa as a continent, we as sons or daughters of Africa (so to speak) share a part of the blame but its not a blame game today. We need to be Good ambassadors of our home land

We as Africans or friends of Africa need to come to the realization that it does not do us any good to sit around and have negative conversations that do not serve us neither is it funny to sit around and bash your place of origin

Yours Truly,

Ehi Bourgeoisie

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Loving Life

Dear Diary,

I’m a BIG fan of life…Aimer la vie!

Okay, just a few exciting things in my life.

Its that time of the year for me where the year just feels old and far gone (which Is a good thing for me as that often happens when I have a lot under my belt.)

I’m just in the mood to try new and exciting things and every now and then, I have to do that or I’d get bored of living in my Its NOT business as usual in my meals, outfits, appearance, outings, decisions. relationships

So, ‘m eating different things…I got bored of my old menu so I decided to go more Canadian so what I’ve actually been doing is picking up the dailies and preparing the meals exactly as it shows on the newspaper..Today, I had a spinach chicken wrap with mango chutney sauce…buh I did my own thing with the spice..extra spicy.It was delicio!!

I have also been shopping differently…I’m actually getting inspired from the streets of Toronto! Shopping is more fun these days cuz ‘m staying open minded and it will amaze you what you get when you go into stores you never shop in! ‘m also enjoying shopping less in the malls and putting my ish together from random stores on corner streets! I love the thrill of going in fingers crossed..cuz it could be some really good finds or jst nonsense! Nothing

‘m also keeping fit in an unusual manner..and it kills all excuses of execising. Instead of expensive gym memberships, ‘m running up the stairs in my apartment! I was excited to “discover” this “BRILLIANT technique” of erasing all excuses to exercise. I run up and down the stairs for about 30mins and I feel like WHOA!

Oh and one more thing, ‘m more than inspired to continue my French lessons. I was sooo green with envy when evry one at the business conference I attended over the weekend was Bilingual.

French + Bourgeois = SEXY


I hear too many people complain about how they’re bored and there’s nothing to do. The reason they feel that way is cuz they have completely neglected to harness their creative faculty.

Life gets sooo exciting when you try different things-I challenge you today. Take a different route to work or to school. Date outside your race. Go salsa dancing. Take Zumba classes. Cook something different. Organize a Pyjamas party and just tell stories.Tie a Gele head tie. Read a fascinating book. Get a pet. Learn an instrument. Volunteer someplace fun.There’s soo much you can do.

Love Life and Stay a Bourgeoise!

Yours Sincerely,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Knight in Shining Armor

Dear Diary,

I am grateful for yet another day..yet another weekend..yet another opportunity to blog.

Today was business as usual...i was very well rested ...went to the post office, ran some errands , went to church and ended my day at my friends house to plan my god daughter’s 1st bday party.

Anywayz, just some random thoughts during my long commutes today.

The Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty has just announced a new law to enforce sex education in schools, both faith based and public schools. My initial reaction was yess..thank God..these kids might as well learn about sex in its entirety but boy as i read on to find out about the actual curriculum in grade 6 kids are gonna be learning about oral &Anal sex..phew!

I’m getting a little worried what our kids are ingesting in this day and age..what do you think?

Secondly, i realised how muccch i HATE poverty...i DETEST lack! And i’m not speaking of basic neccessties..My definition of insufficiency is when i see a chanel purse and i have to spare buying a betsy Johnson shoes to buy my purse..Thats Nonsense! I should be able to buy whatever i want whenever i want..its soo annoying to sacrifice.

Lastly, i have just come to the conclusion that i’m a hopeless romantic. I realise i live in a fairy tale world and the reason i am soo picky on the men i can date is cuz i have a really HIGH expectation of my ideal man and maybe for any one to sweep me off my feet, he might just have to roll up in here as a knight in shining armor possibly riding a white horse.

I really just want to be a princess and wear a big Cinderella dress with a really long train and be that pure innocent chaste bride that walks down the aisle and weds old skool style

Thats just my style..’m not sure what your fantasies are.


Dont go thru life trying to “get by” deserve to have more than enough and live prosperously

If you do not teach your child what they should know about sex, they will get the “orientation” from their go ahead..have the “TALK” with your kids

Please get your expectations up on who/what you’re willing to put up with in a partner. I know i am royalty...a chosen generation...a holy nation..a special person ...A Bourgeois so i just cant get with “ANYBODY”..just saying...

Yours Sincerly,
Ehi Bourgeosie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Dear Diary,
I had a pretty serene day today. It was my day off and I just stayed home and relaxed.

It was a quiet day and it definitely felt good to just be home and do NOTHING!
Anywayz, before I turned off my light to call it a day, I got a call from my girl friend
And before you know it, am chatting away on a conference call with two of my girls and we amongst evry thing we gisted about you know we had to bring it to the usual “MAN TALK” the dissing started..we blabbed on about how my girl should get with a certain guy and blah blah blah and of course you know they had to bring it to me eh..”so Ehi, what about you? You want to end up a nun or what? What is this forever singlehood about?”..they went on and on and me, I’m soo used to these doesn’t even bother me again..

so they joked about how I should be shipped to Nigeria and just be driven straight to a church in a wedding dress and prior to me getting there, they woulda organized about 50 men for a competition on who was gonna win my heart..The joke is I wouldn’t have known these suitors before hand..the competition would go on without me and my girls who would be doing the selection on my behalf would have a copy of the suitors resumes,(to see his qualifications) his pictures(To see how photogenic he was) and bank statement!

And for every stage, they pass, they would wear additional piece of clothing for a groom. So maybe the first set of guyz would start up with just pants and shirts and as they proceed, they would add one more “GROOM” asessory like a bow tie then a jacket then the last set of guyz who would proceed to the final stage would get a ring and this is ALL IN ONE DAY!!

So I am expected to choose a life partner without knowing jack about him and after we get married, we start dating! Isn’t that something?
These babes are tryin to do asoebi by all means even to the extent of giving me away! lol

It sounds funny but the truth of the matter is we make decisions like this in our lives everyday!
I am in love with the idea of GET MARRIED THEN START DATING but in the dimension of keeping things groovy not when you know absolutely nothing about your beloveth and some of us claim we know our partners but when it comes down to it, we haven’t done our homework at all!!

We’ve fallen in love with the resume and the bak account and all this physical ish and forgotten the DEEEEP things we ought to be concerned about.


Whether you date then get married or you get married then start dating, which ever one you decide to do, remember to DATE

Don’t get married for the wrong reasons remember when you’re in it, you’re gonna be there for a Loooonng long Time and you’re there by yourself too

ONLY you lives with the consequences of your decision-Good or BAD

Yours in Love
Ehi Bougeoisie

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whats your A&%

Dear Diary,

Its truly an inspiring world when you delight in it.

Once again i was greatly moved and inspired standing just outside my apt waiting for the bus to go about my daily duties and enjoy the nice weather and i see a nicely dressed lady whom i say hello to and smile and go on my way.

Anywayz, a few seconds later she joins me in the bus stop and i compliemnted her outfits and inquired to know where she did her shopping since she had on some very unique vintage pieces on and as the conversation went on, we spoke about a lot of things which led to her telling me about her grand daughter who's about my like WHAAAAT?!?

The issue of A&* especially as it applies to women has become a forbidable subject to speak on.Nowadays we hear people say you shoud never ask ask a lady her a&*..WHY??

If we'r A*&^%g proudly and beautifully, should we still be secretive about IT??

I have seen 40 year Old's that can pass for half their A*&..I have met several young at heart AND young in looks women that proudly put their a&* out know why? more than having a good gene, they take care of their bodies!!

So, you best believe i asked my new friend on the bus what her secret to her great looks were..yup..the interviewer in me came

she said to me "Honey child, treat your body like you had no duplicate"

She was right..i say to people..if you dont take care of your body, you will have no place to stay soon..

cuz your body is your temple...its your santuary..its a holy place.

Dont toss any junk in there...Fried foods..excessive meatpies and pizza..some of us just treat US like garbage bins,,put whatever you get a hold of in your FINE bougeois self

Be kind to your body..and it will be kind to you!



The reason alot of us are sensitive about our ages is either cuz we're not proud of our looks or we'r not proud of our acheivements.

If you wanna A$% gracefully and look sexy at 60, EAT RIGHT!

AGE doesnt have to be a bad word..just do your body right and you'd be proud

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Exactly Like I Dreamed

Dear Diary,

Today was a very special day!

A really good friend of mine just said "I DO" to her man of 2years.

I was Privileged to be the Master of Ceremony (MC) for this memorable day and as i took the guests down memory lane on how this wonderful couple met and grew together, a very vivid image was brought to my mind's eye.

Some 2.5 years ago, i went to the park with a few friends including my friend who just got married today and just like other outings, we will alwayz talk about men..our Toasters...our ideal men..our know...regualar girl talk.

However on this particular occassion, i recall we spoke vividly about what we wanted our weddings to be like and my friend went on to speak extensively about the songs she wanted to dance to on her BIG day and how she has just fininshed updating her list of songs to walk down the aisle and dance to on her wedding day.

While she was still speaking,i wasnt even paying particular attention,,matter ah fact,..the songs were gonna be "old skool" jams wheneever she was least so i thought.

Anywayz, i'm glad to let you know she joyfully wedded in those songs she noted down a few years back EXACTLY like she dreamed.

It was a fun MC gig!

Exactly like she dreamed.


Be Specific about EXACTLY what you want and you would see it come to past

Whatever you desire, get a VISION for it and just play that mental tape all day so when it does come to fulfilment, you will not be confused

Use Your Imaginations-allow your fantasies. The faculty of dreaming was put in us humans for a reason

You are a Bourgeois and that means you're definetely not a whatever-comes-my-way-i =will -take guy/girl.

Potential Brides, do you have your dream wedding al planned out? Do you know the songs you're walking down the aisle?

Let me Ask you, if all your dreams were to come to past righttt now...this very moment, Do you have a dream?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Dear Diary,

As part of my “Celebrate Natural Beauty” week commemorations, I decided to ditch my STILLETOS.

This week has been great because of several reasons but especially because I am just enjoying been free from make up...Earrings...Weaves…Heels and all traces of synthetic beauty.

So, this decision couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time as yesterday (3days into my appreciation of natural beauty), I was approached my supervisor at work to say that word has it that I am over dressed to work.

So ‘m sitting in his office! of all things to get in trouble for..OVERDRESSING TO WORK?!?

Are you kidding me? When you called me here sir, I thought I’d gotten into some serious trouble like facebooking at work or blogging during work hours definitely not DRESSING UP.

Weird eh? Anywayz, he went on to explain that due to the nature of the job (social work) and the social strata of the people I work with, it can be intimidating to clients. And he duly noted that..”I don’t have a problem with it” but other managers do and surprisingly, today you’re fine..(OBVIOUSLY, I’m dressing down for the week) . I didn’t say that though..LOL

Anywayz, that been said , theres a lot of reasons ladies are in heels today..i always dress up cuz I guess that’s how I feel when I wake up..upbeat..dressy…ready to take on the world(lol) some ladies prefer to keep it to outings , parties, church . There’s just sumthin wearing heels does to an outfit like it adds that extra umph, has the ability to transform a crappy vest or simple tank to sumthing great & wow.

Lately, its been killin me sofly cuz I realize I always have someplace to be and since I don’t drive yet, ‘m in heels for up to 12hours a day for 7days a week!!
Detrimental eh?? I think so but probably not as serious as you thought. Research showz that wearing flat soles could be just as bad if not worse than wearing heels.
And if you were feeling sorry for me, check this out…I think these belong to the Musuem!

Alexander McQueens Summer 2010 Collection



-As much I applaud the magic of the STILLETOS and its effect on my closet, I appreciate how down to earth my feet feels in these loafers. I hear the sounds of praise busting out from my toes

-Whether you’re flat soler or a high roller, soaking your feet in warm water and rubbing your hand thru def does some good to dem feet

-I know we all are aware that true beauty comes from within. With that been said, take some time to acknowledge that inner beauty and take the one week self esteem challenge with me. Go for a BIG party in an all Natural way and present yourself to the world in your most NATURAL state.

- Heels or no heels, lip stick or not, weave or not, I am a beautiful woman, hear me ROAR!


Yours Truly
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Dear Diary,

Its 2010?!?

Whoaaaaa!! Where did time fly to? We’re Old mehn!

That was my thought as I clicked through some OLD facebook pictures..

Back in the day, we had no heart aches…no problems…less stuff to worry about…Can we bring the good old dayz back?

Anywayz, that’s not my sermon today.

Today, I wanna talk about BFF’s-Best Friends Forever.

Personally, I do not believe in the term Best Friends maybe cuz I’ve recently started dreading titles..i just don’t see me giving that power to any are my Best Friend..Then what?

I think it should go without saying.

I love my friends...i have very close friends from different stages of my life with whom I share every thing with but I refuse to give out a title..

So one of my “good friends” recently moved to England and for the first couple of months, she would whine..complain…cry about how she has no friends in England…so we started devising strategies for her to meet a miss right..

And she would tell us how she mustered up courage to speak with a certain Nigerian girl at her school whom she thinks might be she dresses well…looks on her level…evrything

And now, I think about it, its sooo funny cuz the only difference between that and been picked up by a guy is that..a guy is expected to do the chasing and make the first contact but what happenes when you try to “pick up a potential best friend” ..who makes the first contact? You or her? Since ur both “fronting” females ..LOL

Seondly, while most females generally love to be surrounded by other good looking females whom they think might be on the same level with them..and be able to carry a conversation and have a lot in common with, do you notice how some other females love to generally surround them selves with females who may not look half as good..may not be on the same social strata may not even have any thing in common with..just to “SHINE” with them. Its funny but ve heard that before actually…

Ladies in their quest to stand out ,associate with people far less than them for the sole reason of outshining their so called friend..

some old skool pix of friendship before the relocation


Be on the prowl..Put your self out there

Don’t be shy to make the first can start virtually (Facebook, Twitter..)

Stop the Frontin…She’s not a guy..she might not pick up the “I –like- you- but- I –want- you- to- make- the- first- move -cues”

Go for it-Stop Over Thinking it

These were my random musing Today

Your Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Friday, April 9, 2010

Teach me how to love

Dear Diary,

Today my ability to love was doubted.

Teach me how to love.
Show me the way to surrender my heart

When I first heard the song ‘Teach me how to love’ by ‘Musiq’, I thought it was for real.who needs to learn how to love?

Now I almost wanna go look for musiq to give him a hug and say I totally understand what you were going through.

I thought I could love..i still think I know how to love…it comes naturally..doesnt it?

I think I have enough love to keep an entire village warm..maybe that’s the problem…am I loving selectively?

Right now, if there was a school of loving, I will enrol right now cuz that’s how I was just made to feeel..stone cold…ruthless…loveless girl that needs to learn the basics.

Maybe the reason am able to love a village of strangers and not show that in other aspects is cuz there are no walls

Anywayz, thanks for ur ears…m just gonna cuddle up in the company of my duvet and cup of tea…and try to have a day.



How to love? Am lost! I know NOT the basics

How to Express it? CLUELESS!

How to care? Forget about it!

Yours in-love
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Dear Diary,

As I examine my life..the last couple of dayz..the next few dayz coming up, I realize how full of LIFE ‘ve become..’m more boisterous..more energetic more cheerful than ve ever seen myself..and its just hitting me that when you do some thing you love to do, you CEASE to start LIVING!

Right now I’m focused on my next passion/project which I will announce to you in due time buh ‘m still in the conception/Planning stages so I feel its appropriate to say this now.

When starting a new project, there’s four KEY areas you must address which is what ‘m currently doing.

Search your soul for ONE thing you can absolutely not be fulfilled without doing. This is something you’re a natural love to do know how to do it..your friends always call on you to do it for them..the few times you’ve attempted a mini version of it, you KILLED it! (you rocked)

Search for ONE person you know who’s doing this thing you wanna do and find out how they’re doing it.

Now lastly, write out your thoughts and all the information you ‘ve gathered.
Now imagine money wasn’t an issue, failing wasn’t an option and resources to do this thing weren’t a problem..START doing it..Do as much as you can with what the “scraps” you have RIGHT NOW!

Lessons Learned

1)STILLNESS-Quieten down...ssshhhh..spend some time with you to hear your soul’s desire

2)VISION-An imaginative conception

3)SPONTANIETY-Recognize that the best ideas may not come to you at any specific times or in a neat package…it may not even make sense at the time you get it. but don’t despise it. Allow the flow.

4)JOURNALLING-When you write things down, you give LIFE to it.

What would you dare to do in your life if you knew you could not fail?

Your Truly,
Ehi Bougeoisie

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Toronto is…

Dear Diary,

Concrete Jungles where dreamz are made of...There’s nothing you cant do…
Lets hear it for T-Dot.The streets would make you feel brand you…
the lights will inspire you...
Now you’re in T-dot!

Those were my rhymes and Rhythm chilling on Dundas Sq yesterday.

I was there for some work the entire day and I couldn’t help but feel inspired…even the most bland person would feel enthused sitting on a chair with tilted head
angled towards the sun but turned away slightly for fear of getting blinded by the hottt sun..That was my Toronto Yesterday.

People from various ethnicities...various backgrounds...various appearances…some very random...lots very fashionably grangy…some divas...some garage
looks…lots of beautiful black women spotting very nice FRO’s…lots of self expression..People singing…Artists performing…break dancing…Batman impersonations…

It was truly beautiful to just sit back and suck in this beautiful mosaic.
While I soaked up some sun, I got a chance to speak to a few people on what their mode of self expression…How do you express yourself?
What identifies you and differentiates you from everyone else? your style? Your Creative ability?

Toronto is the 2nd most multicultural city in the world representing..all clans..all villages… all tribes..all nations…all continents of the world!

This diverse city offers ample opportunities for self expression…in any language!
There’s nothing you cant do in this city…

My Toronto is Lights…Camera…Action!
What Is your Toronto???

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Monday, April 5, 2010

When I Grow up...

Dear Diary,

Tis the season to be jolly..Tra la la la la la la lah.

I spent My Easter fulfilling one of my life’s dream for the first time. I remember growing up, i would say to my siblings..when i grow, i wanna be on T.V..i wanna have a make up Artist and a hair stylist at my beck and call and wear nice clothes and look FABulous. Really, i didn’t know what i was gonna be doin on TV..i just wanted to have the typical Glamourous life where my job is just to look good and be on TV. Well, higher self, i’m happy to announce to you that my dream of been a Talk Show Host is no more on my wish list..Its on a different list-MY REALITY list.

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it may tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come” Habakkuk 2:3

As i spoke to one of my guests on the show yesterday, we spoke about achieving one’s life purpose and calling on Earth. Alot of us need to rewind our mental tapes to 15years ago or even 20 years ago to when we were kids and we dreamed.

As pure unassuming children, we had dreamz we wanted to fulfil. We really need to backtrack to our Kinda garten(KG) classes when our teachers will call on us and say “OLu, what do you wanna be when you grow up”, and Olu says in the cutest voice
“When i grow up, i wanna be a Pilot”

Now, at that age, we are not aware of any constraints, we have no road blocks, there’s no one telling us stories of what they tried to do and Could not do hence WE CANT DO IT. Olu just know he wants to fly planes and smthg about flying planes appeals to him..maybe its the uniform, maybe its the pilots swag, maybe its the thrill of flying..something!

My challenge to you is to hold onto those dreamz, don’t let it go. Get rid of the mental constraints..the only thing that has changed since 20 yrs ago is that NOW IS THE TIME to SHINE. You’re now old enough to take the necessary actions you need to be taking.

If God put the dream in you, until you fulfill it, you will always wake up with an urge of smthg you know you shld be doing...i hear you saying..where are the resources? When that voice came up in my head..i did what i’m asking you to do right now..dont wait to have it all together..just start with what you have..the universe conspired to favour me..i have no idea where the resources came from..they just showed up in the midst of me PREPARING to be a talk show host.

In my diary 2007/2008 i had topics for my show when i didn’t know what a studio looked like! Call it insanity if you will buh yesterday, it definitely wasn’t insanity to have an entire Production crew, a sexy ass studio, Fancy ward robe and Makeup. It was BOURGY!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5456627618973765842" />

Lessons Learned

You don’t have to see the entire picture to start sketching

Dont wait to be great..or to be BIG..start being BIG right now with what you have

As we don’t know how the bones of a child are formed in the womb of an expectant mother..dont try to have it all figured your part...God will send the support you need

Dont let a day pass without LIVING. (Doing smthg you’re passionate about)
WHEN I GROW UP, i wanna be FABulous and live a life of Glits & Glam and BE ON TV...What do you wanna do when you “grow up”???

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Charms, Blessings and evry thing inbetween

Dear Diary,

Very eventful day I had today…so from the minute I get on the train to work at 8:00am to the minute I stagger into my apartment at 11:35pm, it was packed with goodies…Sunshine…Productivity…Suspense..Drama...Comedy…Parties...Excitement…Disappointments…Blessings…Charm…

Five Random Things That Happen to Me Today

1. While boarding the train to work, I was approached by a virtual friend ( Facebook )whom I didn’t know but happens to know A LOT about me. Knows I have a sister, knows I’m always writing evry morning on the train…evens knows my connecting bus to work is an 84A and trust me there’s a lot of bus 84’s!

2. Some information regarding an important project I’m working on was delivered to me on a PERFECT platter of gold today..I had been busting my ass and tearing out my hair for this info and tell me why the randomest colleague comes talking to me about something ‘m completely Uninterested in mentions that info unintensionally?

3. Did not have a SINGLE client today-That has NEVER EVER Happened before!

4. I predicted a completely RANDOM stranger walking to me and telling me something..HE DID!

5. So I’m doing my makeup/Touch up’s on Public Transit Today and i can just FEEL a pair of eyez on me and i lift my head to observe my surroundings and whaaaaat?!? I see this cheerful lady just point blank gazing at me with the BIGGEST smile/grin waving at she’s in awe or bliss of me doin my makeup ? or perhaps she saw smthg I didn’t? I dunno… I just smiled back and just kept on beautifying

So that was my day in a nutshell with LOTS of stuff inbetween that I CANT obviously tell you...remember we have a 75% agreement? that’s 75% of my day I should say..we’d commit the other 25% to God

Overall I had a really busy day..was out for the most part of the day…got hyper…got excited…got furious…got happy…my patience was faith was tested…got the most Ruthless customer service.

i pretty much experienced the whole works today, the universe conspired to favour me today and even now as I journal these events At 1:30am, I am truly grateful.

i‘m looking at my computer and I see this and i cant stop smiling to myself, At 1:40am!

**Teaching my god daughter the very act of being a Bourgeois**

Yours Sincerely,
Ehi Bourgeoisie