Thursday, April 1, 2010

Charms, Blessings and evry thing inbetween

Dear Diary,

Very eventful day I had today…so from the minute I get on the train to work at 8:00am to the minute I stagger into my apartment at 11:35pm, it was packed with goodies…Sunshine…Productivity…Suspense..Drama...Comedy…Parties...Excitement…Disappointments…Blessings…Charm…

Five Random Things That Happen to Me Today

1. While boarding the train to work, I was approached by a virtual friend ( Facebook )whom I didn’t know but happens to know A LOT about me. Knows I have a sister, knows I’m always writing evry morning on the train…evens knows my connecting bus to work is an 84A and trust me there’s a lot of bus 84’s!

2. Some information regarding an important project I’m working on was delivered to me on a PERFECT platter of gold today..I had been busting my ass and tearing out my hair for this info and tell me why the randomest colleague comes talking to me about something ‘m completely Uninterested in mentions that info unintensionally?

3. Did not have a SINGLE client today-That has NEVER EVER Happened before!

4. I predicted a completely RANDOM stranger walking to me and telling me something..HE DID!

5. So I’m doing my makeup/Touch up’s on Public Transit Today and i can just FEEL a pair of eyez on me and i lift my head to observe my surroundings and whaaaaat?!? I see this cheerful lady just point blank gazing at me with the BIGGEST smile/grin waving at she’s in awe or bliss of me doin my makeup ? or perhaps she saw smthg I didn’t? I dunno… I just smiled back and just kept on beautifying

So that was my day in a nutshell with LOTS of stuff inbetween that I CANT obviously tell you...remember we have a 75% agreement? that’s 75% of my day I should say..we’d commit the other 25% to God

Overall I had a really busy day..was out for the most part of the day…got hyper…got excited…got furious…got happy…my patience was faith was tested…got the most Ruthless customer service.

i pretty much experienced the whole works today, the universe conspired to favour me today and even now as I journal these events At 1:30am, I am truly grateful.

i‘m looking at my computer and I see this and i cant stop smiling to myself, At 1:40am!

**Teaching my god daughter the very act of being a Bourgeois**

Yours Sincerely,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Derrick said...

HAHA .." I just smiled back and just kept on beautifying" OK..that was funny !

barbara said...

weyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!this is pretty!i love love love it!and i love youuuuuuuuuuu