Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seasons change, why not i?

I heard my alarm go off and I reach for it and just after I punched the snooze button, I look outside my window, theres no light! No sun ray! Its not yet 6am..but why did I my alarm go off? %&^*#!! *lonnnggg hiss* stupid alarm! After what I remember to be a combination of cussing and inaudible rubbish, I attempted to tuck myself back to my duvet as it felt unusually chilly today but sleep just wouldnt come back.

Ah well, at least I get to buy some time and get around to my morning duties before starting my day, I thought...But as I finally got around to moving my sleepy self out of bed, I caught sight of my clock..7am?!? How???

Ahh…fall was here in all its glory..little wonder, it felt chilly this morning…whoa, just like that, my sizzling, hot, summer was gone,..As I scan my wardrobe for a sweater, I had a brief bbm discussion with a friend on the very essence of seasons and change so I thought I might share.

Up or down? Happy or sad? Rich or poor? Cold or hot? Things just don’t stay in a place of rest..its an ever changing..dynamic ..rotating world. Just as the weather and seasons change, something’s in our lives cant just remain the same. The good news is if its not been going well, now it will.

Speaking of seasons, I do not see any decent fall attire in my wardrobe, shopping anyone?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Times have changed, get with it!

“My hope tank for Nigeria is depleted”, “Bombing in Nigeria?? Chai, we can Forlow, forlow”, “Who/what the hell is Boko Haram”, “Pray for Nigeria”. These were some of the tweets and status updates that I woke up to. My thoughts on this issue goes as such, as long as the leadership of Nigeria continues to tolerate nuisance, we shall see more of these gruesome acts…On the other hand, violence on any level is just one of many sure ways to get the world’s attention and saying that a bomb blast is a terrible thing to do is an understatement.

Some time ago, I read that the U.S had removed Nigeria from the list of countries with terrorist-tic tendencies and I thought of course, are you kidding? Call us anything you want just don’t refer to us to suicide bombers...nah.

The DNA of a Nigerian has no traces of killing- oneself- to- support –a- cause as that requires an undeniable serving of passion and most of us don’t have that hunger or appetite for positive change or any type of change for that matter. In my mind, that used to be the case but permit me to say that changing and with the rise of technology, one of the perks of having a global village is that as the world gets smaller and closer with internet , people have also learned creative and ingenious to voice their concerns some of which are downright destructive just like the recent incidence.

I think leaders at all levels need to be cognizant of the fact that not meeting the people’s needs or fulfilling expectations might have gone unnoticed in previous times but times have changed and there is less tolerance for sloth and indolence. I’m not claiming to understand the reasons or rationale behind the recent bombing of the UN building in Nigeria but I think this should serve as a wake- up call to the leaders of state that people will go extreme lengths to get heard and we need to implore modern tactics of communication and leadership and move with the times.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Child like Tendencies

Dear Diary,

I am convinced that every thing one needs to know to survive can be learned from watching little children. It’s a wonderful day to be alive and I’m thankful. Over the weekend, I had my little angel over to spend time with me…and she must have thought it was an invitation to a carousel. I chased, screamed, threatened, yelled, pacified, consoled, loved, laughed but best of all , I communicated with her. My god daughter is only two and I made up my mind to NOT discipline her by spanking…I wanted to try out a different restraining style. There were times, she’d do things to deliberately push my buttons, like empty a huge bag of make up on my white bed sheet, attempt to pull me up with my braids or take my laptop and throw it on the ground, I understood she just wanted my attention, at least that was what I was taught.

Anyways, I survived the weekend and needless to say I did nothing on the weekend other than constantly clean and return things back to the original position however, I learned a lot from my 2yr old boss. It did not matter how many times I made her cry either by scolding or forcing her to eat, she will still run back to me in her tears and give me a kiss..almost like she forgot I jst made her cry

Lesson #1: Forgive and move on

So as part of my plan to avoid using a cane and utilizing other disciplinary measures, this past weekend I made sure to listen to baby angel more and explain her actions to her and the consequences surprisingly, it worked! I have learned that just like adults, children like to be respected and the best way to teach respect to anyone is to be respectful to them and that means, suspending the yelling and scolding till you’re indoors.

Lesson # 2: No one wants to be told they messed up in the presence of others. Save the correction till you are alone with them..it makes for effective communication and builds respect.

I’m making rather surprising discoveries with my 2 yr old…bah bah..boo boo..and da da don’t always make for good progressive lingo. Babies are intelligent beings too…and the faster you develop their intelligence the easier it is. How does baby angel know how to turn on the tv, operate the DVD and watch Dora the explorer without any help whatsoever? Its because Dora is of interest to her and figures it must be easy to learn this process of watching her favourite cartoon than try to get aunty Ehi to do it for her. Some times, we are unassuming and don’t bother explaining processes to them and so they grow up to be adults with great capacity but stuck in the brain of a child.

Lesson #3: Dumbing down ideas just makes more mediocres but pushing people past their limits helps them rise and conquer the challenges of life

Yes, it was a stressful weekend with my baby angel but she taught me more than I would ever have bargained for.
*Now awakening my child like tendencies* who wants to go play in the sand?

Yours sincerly
Bourgy Babe