Friday, July 30, 2010

some Tongue Lashing

Dear Diary,

It’s a chilled day for me…no work..just a few am home and my friend decides she’s tired of my braids and volunteers to take it which I oblige.
Evry black girl who is been honest with you will tell you after death, her topmost fear is stuntedhairgrowth phobia…so as I took out my hair..braid by braid, my anxiety attack panicing and fretting..wondering if my hair grew…ooh it better have.. at least an inch.

My Natural hair Right after taking off the braids

You know the next thought that occurred to me was I do not have to plead with my eyes to see or my heart to beat or cajole my nails to grow..why the heck do I stress so much for my hair to grow? #Randomthought

Eventually, I took out my braids and it grew..a strandy bit and as I stood infront of my mirror all I wanted to do was to have a conversation with my lovely hair and speak LIFE into it.

So I started affirming and speaking life to my hair and as I did it, you woulda thought I was going crazy..and I am reminded of a comment my friend made yesterday “A beggar has no choice” and even if he was being ‘proverbial’ I dont think its ever okay to confess something that does not represent you. Are you a Beggar??

So I have affirmations that I confess whenever I remember..”I am prosperous” “ I am fruitful” “I am going very far” I stood before my mirror today and did exact same thing to my hair..i blessed my scalp and I spoke LIFE.

I wonder if God granted all our wishes according to the words of our mouth, some people will be doomed because we have said rubbish and spoken ill of ourselves out of frustration or resentment

Remember, the power of LIFE and death lies in your tongue..use your mouth to speak LIFE..

It may not be your hair..maybe its something more serious..DONT ever say,” I cant get a job that great” or ”All men cheat, why wouldn’t mine?” Or “ I am broke” or “my life is over” or “ FML (F*** my life) “
So , lets do some Tongue Lashing..for good

Ehi Bourgeoisie

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friendly Future

Dear Diary,

Its been a beautiful week thus far…I’ve just been favored and blessed!
So right now, am on the TTC on my way from work reading my book, I raise my head up and I’m immediately drawn towards an ad on the bus and it reads “TELUS, The future is friendly”

This is not the first time, I’m seeing this Telus Ad but today, I think something within me just resonated with the ad..i was staring at this ad for the longest time and thinking I have seen this ad a million times but why was I getting excited?
Maybe it’s the consciousness, the truth or the precision of that ad that got me animated ...i had finally cued into wasn’t just an ad..or string of was describing something pertinent to ME…MY LIFE..MY FUTURE..ITS FRIENDLY!!!

And of course, after this realization, I started to think of how I had not read this in this manner prior to now, I failed to see how bright my future was even if I had said it…I had not fully understood the enormity of it.

Despite your present circumstances right now,(broke; busted and disgusted, jobless, car-less,heart broken) I need you to come to the realization that I did yesterday..take your eyez off the present for a second. Your future is so bright its ridiculous!!

when you enter your dazzling future, you're gonna look back to these times and realize how senseless it was to even worry!

However, you need to know that Regardless of how luminous and friendly your future is, if you fail to really see it, you can’t walk into it

So get excited about your tomorrow,its worth doing a chicken dance for!

Yours in-excitement
Ehi Bourgeoisie

P.S: If you see me walking with some springs in my steps, its not cuz I bought new shoes(even if i have serious plans to do so) its because I am finally convinced my future is FRIENDLY!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What’s that you have in your hand?

Dear Diary,

Art…Craft…Hair…Photography…design…fashion..styling..painting…… talking…organizing.
These are all my thoughts today as I look through some face book pictures..I’m in awe!!

What’s the definition of an entrepreneur? I think its when you find something you can do and love to do and find a way to get paid for it…

Its no more news to hear that 23, 24 yr olds are incorporating successful businesses without the help of their parents.

Gone are the days when you hid behind the success of your heroes past…its no more cool to brag about the achievements of our parents...the new question is, what do you do??

Back in the days growing up n Nigeria, when people engaged in arguments or fights, they would start by saying”Do you know who my Father is”?
Everyone was quick to brag about daddy’s wealth and fortune, just in case you have not caught the drift yet, there’s still time to ask yourself what can I do for me with what I’m endowed with?

Today, I ‘m learning that you don’t have to see the whole picture to start sketching..get to work!

I am reminded of my hair stylist, Maggie from Ghana who makes awesome braids and makes a sweet living doing that TAX FREE!!

I am inspired by the consistency and determination of Eni ( DAVID) and Cynthia (Emua Fashions), for every needle poke and sleepless night is a dress and a designer closer to perfection.

I am motivated by the creativity of Atim (Afrolems) and William (Willyverse), its not just food or photography, it’s the ability to use your passion and share your gifting with the world

I am stirred up by my friends Angela (Angiemax hair studio) and Olamide (Elonn Magazine) because they understand that starting small doesn’t mean you are staying small.

Ayo Noble and Jibola Fagbamiye blow me away with their art and creativity and every time they pick up a paint brush or a sketch pad, all they’re saying to God is that they are grateful for the talent entrusted to them and they have the capacity to receive more.

Come out and be inspired by Ayonoble on her art show. Its a free event!!

Are you a new graduate that cant find a job? CREATE one for yourself and be your own boss!!

I need to find out what else I have in my hand I’m not using..while I’m at it, can I ask you

What’s that you have in your hand?

Yours Sincerely
Ehi Bourgeoisie

*None of the aforementioned individuals asked me to do this*

Monday, July 19, 2010

Get A Vision for it

Dear Diary,

The sun is great. The weather is nice.My shorts are out and I’m beaching.Usually summer time is a time to chill, relax and everyone lets their hair down and takes a break(vacation, cottage, trip to the mother land, sports…) or even just lounging and spending quality time with your home.

When you get into people’s homes, you can pretty much tell their stories from the visible indicators all around their houses.Some might have scented candles, pictures frames, flowers, awards, babypictures etc whatever the case is, you should have a very good grasp on their priorities and their journey thus far.

In my case, the first thing you notice when you come in through the doors is a drawn portrait of me that looks nothing like me and while you’re still trying to figure it and out and scrutinize this poorly drawn picture of me, immediately you get distracted and BANG! There it is!! Staring right at you, a board almost like a child’s school project and you see random scattered images of various pictures- a nice house,a car, my unpublished book,a beautiful studded ring and my agreement to be a wonder amongst alot other pictures..

From my studies of very successful people and in my personal life, I've found a vision board to be extremely effective. Not only does it drive me on mornings when i dont feel like doing anything, but it also serves as a reminder to God, the universe and my subconscious mind where i'm going My Vision Board
I've had a vision board for about 3years now and its amazing how 'mysteriously', the puzzle is coming together and i cant count how many times i've been called ehi-the-dreamer but i'd rather have "unrealistic" fantasies and expectations than dream small afterall there's only so much i can be and so far i can go with a "realistic" and "logical" frame of mind...

I urge you too to make a vision board with your dreams and your desires and when doing so, consider NOT your present circumstances or your available resources, that's not your job to figure out!


I've learned in theory and in practice that what you can conceive in your mind, you can achieve

I'm learning that success begins first with the mind and since your subconsious responds first to images and pictures,its important to feed your mind with images that resonate with your dreams

Yours in thought
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Iron Sharpeneth Iron

Dear Diary,

Life’s’s good..ahhhh..i’m living...Life’s been FABulous!!

So many moments of ecstasy I tell ya...i'm catching myself just grinning from ear to ear at very odd times and i did alot of that today.

I have always known that if you are gonna go anywhere noteworthy in life or make a significant impact, you need to find somebody whom you can look up to, one whom you find your groove with, one who inspires you and can discipline you when necessary.

In my case, my mentor happens to be my business partner..super sweet eh? Today we had a long talk at the office and Its amazing how much he entrusts on me..he gives me tremendous, mind blowing tasks and sometimes I think to myself, he must really believe in me.

Each time I’m with him, I find myself unconsciously writing away and as we sat down to talk (work) today, as usual, it ended up being a long talk and I’m inking away even while at lunch! He's such a body of knowledge and inspiration.

It was truly a fulfilling day today and as I skipped away to the train station in my 4inch heels, i bid him good bye and said Thank you Sir, I had a great time with you today. He just smiled assuredly (he was probably thinking, young lady, this your heels will soon come off LOL) and said Goodnight.

I left work feeling fulfilled, I was filled with knowledge and excited for my next talk with him. I realize there is lots of mountains to be crossed and though I have a long way to go, I’m encouraged I will get there if because I surround myself with people who are advanced in knowledge and experience.


On this first day of the working week, I’m learning that you can only go as far as the inspiration you’re getting from your surroundings.
Who are you surrounding yourself with? Energizer bunnies or Energy Zappers?

Its really dawning on me that you are not supposed to make all the mistakes to learn from them but allow yourself to learn from the mistakes of others

You are not always gonna wake up peppy and ready to fly. You will need somebody to remind you how to walk sometimes and that’s what a mentor does for you
Find a person who will stir up your mind and steer you in the right path.

It is true that Iron sharpeneth Iron

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding the Balance

Dear Diary,

Yes..its been hella crazy been me lately..
I am currently working on a brand new project which will be my new baby for a few years…and I am very excited about it..i will definitely fill you in as time goes on and life unfolds. All I can say right now is I have been tremendously favored and this shoes ‘m filling are HUGE!

Anyhow, so as it is, I have businesses I’m running, two part time jobs, weekend gigs, Church activities, volunteer work, friends and family to spend time with and sometimes I get so busy I don’t even find the time to breathe!
Random Picture i took at the G20 conference

Mind you, I’m not complaining at all, I actually love been busy as I think it keeps me focused. This past week was a typical week in the life of Ehi as my life was on the GO and as I reflect on recent happenings, I find that when I get busy, I have no time for BS and zero tolerance for gibberish or tittle-tattle and I am productive and so I love that.

However, yesterday somebody made a comment that the only reason they wouldn’t considering getting involved with me is the fact that I am such a career oriented person and they don’t think I will cope with holding down a family and meeting the expectations of a demanding career.

As usual, I spoke to my very knowledgeable and grounded girl friends about this situation and they begged to differ. I like what one of them , Aike had to say about it. “There is a way and you will find it when the time comes”

I am not being ignorant of the challenges involved in being the world’s greatest mom, full time wife and still have a successful career .However, I asked myself, Ehi, are there women doing it and kicking ass? HELL YEAH! So I know we will succeed and no aspect of our lives will derail…when the time comes.


I learned staying busy restricts your time to quality conversations and quality people

I am learning Being a “Superwoman” does not mean you sacrifice your family or spending quality time with people you love and care about, it means that when challenges come (which they will) you stand strong , find a balance and trust God to make a way

Who are you? What do you do and Why should i care?

Dear Diary,

Yes..i know I have been away for quite sometime..i take full responsibility for my absence although I have not a laptop anymore so hence ‘m not as regular.
Anywayz, I’m excited to share some of my life with you again, my abstract, lifeless lover.

Uhmm..what have I learned lately? LOTS!

Okay chronologically, lets backtrack..uhmm…I have been out and about..literally outdoors at least 12hours everyday!

So I have been hosting and organizing lots of events, shows and parties and its just been a sweet pleasure all the way.

I have been speaking publicly and loving it since.. too!!
When I tell people this, they go huh? I could never love doing presentations or public speaking..

Did you know that the fear of Public Speaking was rated people’s #1 worst night mare and death #2?
That means that the average person would rather die than be caught speaking before an audience.

I found this intriguing and somewhat psychological because the only difference between a dialogue to your friends, family and even colleagues and an audience is the fact that an audience is a collection of all your friends, family and colleagues gathered together at the same place and time!

I have hosted events with very aloof crowd as well as events with very enthusiastic crowd and everything in between those extremes and my only purpose when I am on stage Is to give you value for your time.

So I spent last two weekends and last weekend hosting a fashion show and a baby shower respectively and I just love what I do for a hobby. Keep in mind that I did not always look forward to speaking to large numbers of people but as I grew in age, maturity and experience, I learned that while the job of a host might be intimidating, if you have something to say, and value to add, people will love you and listen to you.

I give you an example, so I attended a wedding last Saturday and the host made a grammatical blunder which was pretty obvious and for a few seconds, I cringed then I raised my head to see the crowd’s reaction and most folks had their heads bowed. Why do you think people squirm when such happens? In my opinion, most people are embarrassed on your behalf and wished you didn’t blow it!


So In my duties as a host to my friends and my “collection of friends”, I learned that to be successful in Public Speaking, you have to come to the realization that every one is your friend and they are rooting for you

Before I ever open my mouth to say anything as a private or public speaker, I have to ask myself these questions. Am I adding value to the next person? Can they relate to me? Have I left them on a different plain or are we on equal grounds?

When people agree to lend me their time to listen to me, they are only asking three questions. Who are you? What do you do and Why should i care?

Yours Sincerly
Ehi Bourgeoisie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Canada!

Dear Diary,

Its Canada day today!

We are 143 today!!

We as Canadians have come a lonng way so this gives me a glimmer of hope for my home country.

Anywayz, just wanted to tell you some random facts about Canada that you may or may not know

Canadians are considered to be peace loving compared to their American counterparts

Canadians are NOT as patriotic as you may think, we may not know who the Prime Minister is or even the names of our Provinces

Canadians do sound pitchy and we sound VERY different from Americans

Unlike what you have heard, we do not wish to be Americans, dont envy them and dont like to be compared with them

I should also add, we say ZED not ZEE

Yes, lest i forget we have had a lot of inventions including the world renowed addictive Black Berry

YOu probably dont know this but Toronto, Canada is probably the most deiverse/Ethnic city in the world and its in our diversity we find strength

Our symbols include the Beaver and Maple Syrup (i dont know why, dont ask me!)

We call one dollar coin-Loony, two dollar coin-Tooney

One of the only countries in the world with 5 different time zones

The 2nd largest country in the world after Russia in terms of land mass yet one of the smallest populations-There's only 33million of us-Cute eh?

Canadians are generally very kind and compassionate

We alwayz add the word "EH" to our phrases...i bet ya'll didnt know that eh?

We loveeee hockey and we think we're pretty good at it just the way Africans are supposedly good soccer players

Just cause we are bilingual doesnt mean we all speak french-dont get it twisted!

In the mean time, its important to know that we LOVE to shop even if there's a riot or

protest..NEVER strip us of our right to shop, we just might explode!

Think i'm joking?

Watch This.

LOL..i love Canada, cant imagine been anywhere else!