Monday, July 19, 2010

Iron Sharpeneth Iron

Dear Diary,

Life’s’s good..ahhhh..i’m living...Life’s been FABulous!!

So many moments of ecstasy I tell ya...i'm catching myself just grinning from ear to ear at very odd times and i did alot of that today.

I have always known that if you are gonna go anywhere noteworthy in life or make a significant impact, you need to find somebody whom you can look up to, one whom you find your groove with, one who inspires you and can discipline you when necessary.

In my case, my mentor happens to be my business partner..super sweet eh? Today we had a long talk at the office and Its amazing how much he entrusts on me..he gives me tremendous, mind blowing tasks and sometimes I think to myself, he must really believe in me.

Each time I’m with him, I find myself unconsciously writing away and as we sat down to talk (work) today, as usual, it ended up being a long talk and I’m inking away even while at lunch! He's such a body of knowledge and inspiration.

It was truly a fulfilling day today and as I skipped away to the train station in my 4inch heels, i bid him good bye and said Thank you Sir, I had a great time with you today. He just smiled assuredly (he was probably thinking, young lady, this your heels will soon come off LOL) and said Goodnight.

I left work feeling fulfilled, I was filled with knowledge and excited for my next talk with him. I realize there is lots of mountains to be crossed and though I have a long way to go, I’m encouraged I will get there if because I surround myself with people who are advanced in knowledge and experience.


On this first day of the working week, I’m learning that you can only go as far as the inspiration you’re getting from your surroundings.
Who are you surrounding yourself with? Energizer bunnies or Energy Zappers?

Its really dawning on me that you are not supposed to make all the mistakes to learn from them but allow yourself to learn from the mistakes of others

You are not always gonna wake up peppy and ready to fly. You will need somebody to remind you how to walk sometimes and that’s what a mentor does for you
Find a person who will stir up your mind and steer you in the right path.

It is true that Iron sharpeneth Iron

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