Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Canada!

Dear Diary,

Its Canada day today!

We are 143 today!!

We as Canadians have come a lonng way so this gives me a glimmer of hope for my home country.

Anywayz, just wanted to tell you some random facts about Canada that you may or may not know

Canadians are considered to be peace loving compared to their American counterparts

Canadians are NOT as patriotic as you may think, we may not know who the Prime Minister is or even the names of our Provinces

Canadians do sound pitchy and we sound VERY different from Americans

Unlike what you have heard, we do not wish to be Americans, dont envy them and dont like to be compared with them

I should also add, we say ZED not ZEE

Yes, lest i forget we have had a lot of inventions including the world renowed addictive Black Berry

YOu probably dont know this but Toronto, Canada is probably the most deiverse/Ethnic city in the world and its in our diversity we find strength

Our symbols include the Beaver and Maple Syrup (i dont know why, dont ask me!)

We call one dollar coin-Loony, two dollar coin-Tooney

One of the only countries in the world with 5 different time zones

The 2nd largest country in the world after Russia in terms of land mass yet one of the smallest populations-There's only 33million of us-Cute eh?

Canadians are generally very kind and compassionate

We alwayz add the word "EH" to our phrases...i bet ya'll didnt know that eh?

We loveeee hockey and we think we're pretty good at it just the way Africans are supposedly good soccer players

Just cause we are bilingual doesnt mean we all speak french-dont get it twisted!

In the mean time, its important to know that we LOVE to shop even if there's a riot or

protest..NEVER strip us of our right to shop, we just might explode!

Think i'm joking?

Watch This.

LOL..i love Canada, cant imagine been anywhere else!

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