Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding the Balance

Dear Diary,

Yes..its been hella crazy been me lately..
I am currently working on a brand new project which will be my new baby for a few years…and I am very excited about it..i will definitely fill you in as time goes on and life unfolds. All I can say right now is I have been tremendously favored and this shoes ‘m filling are HUGE!

Anyhow, so as it is, I have businesses I’m running, two part time jobs, weekend gigs, Church activities, volunteer work, friends and family to spend time with and sometimes I get so busy I don’t even find the time to breathe!
Random Picture i took at the G20 conference

Mind you, I’m not complaining at all, I actually love been busy as I think it keeps me focused. This past week was a typical week in the life of Ehi as my life was on the GO and as I reflect on recent happenings, I find that when I get busy, I have no time for BS and zero tolerance for gibberish or tittle-tattle and I am productive and so I love that.

However, yesterday somebody made a comment that the only reason they wouldn’t considering getting involved with me is the fact that I am such a career oriented person and they don’t think I will cope with holding down a family and meeting the expectations of a demanding career.

As usual, I spoke to my very knowledgeable and grounded girl friends about this situation and they begged to differ. I like what one of them , Aike had to say about it. “There is a way and you will find it when the time comes”

I am not being ignorant of the challenges involved in being the world’s greatest mom, full time wife and still have a successful career .However, I asked myself, Ehi, are there women doing it and kicking ass? HELL YEAH! So I know we will succeed and no aspect of our lives will derail…when the time comes.


I learned staying busy restricts your time to quality conversations and quality people

I am learning Being a “Superwoman” does not mean you sacrifice your family or spending quality time with people you love and care about, it means that when challenges come (which they will) you stand strong , find a balance and trust God to make a way

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