Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear Diary,

Do you realize how powerful the word “NO” is? So powerful...its life altering . An accumulation of some seemingly small “no’s” can get you your ideal weight, lose that weist that wouldn’t stop buggin you for your number especially when you know fully well the chances of a relationship is non existent and NO can be an enabler in getting anything significant done.

Call it Nah, Nay, Nada, Non, Nope, whatever your preference is, some people have grown accustomed to thinking of “NO” as a negative term. In making decisions, they consider everyone else but themselves and end up in a bigger mess than they started off with. Yesterday, a colleague and I went for a quick bite at Harveys Burger and she placed an order of a Vegan burger but of course the sales associate was determined to have her burger up sized to a combo and she just said NO, thanks I’m okay..he went on and on about how they just had a new type of burger in and she just had to try it. With all the direct and subtle marketing, even the strictest vegetarians can be tempted to eat meat!

Last week , I called up my cable company to say I was no longer interested in keeping their services and from one rep to another, I was been passed around. They offered me all sorts of incentives and baits. At the end of each sales pitch, the convo would go something like this “Ma’am would you still like to keep our services if we gave you 3months free?” NO!

Okay, please hold...Next rep comes online which I presume is a higher ranking sales rep…”Ma’am I’ve heard you’d like to discontinue your services with us, but because you have been such a loyal customer, we will not like to see you go…we will give you 3mths free cable and upgrade your services to premium, which is about 200 channels of your can I go ahead and set this up for you?”

Wow 200 channels?!? That would be dope and I don’t have to worry about a bill for 3 whole months? Jeez, I was so close to saying of course, sign me up but I really had to remember why I called in..i was not going to be spending time at home due to my busy schedule…why was I considering this offer? And I immediately yelled NOPE!! I really want the service discontinued.

Some body said something that triggered my thought the other day “That dress you bought with your credit card because it was on sale won’t be a sales price anymore when you’re still paying for it 6mths later”!

No, I’m not doing that chore for you because I have something important to attend to, No, I cant accept that salary because I deserve more. No, I don’t want premium cable because I wont watch it. No, I refuse to buy tickets to the biggest jam of the year. No, I don’t want fries with that. No, I wont give you my phone number . No I don’t want a free trial, what happens after the trial? and No, you cant convince me otherwise I really mean NO.

Everyone has the liberty of “NO” Go ahead and exercise yours and really mean it.

Yours Truly
Bourgy Babe
/Boo gyee beib/

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lets Make It Work

Dear Diary,

Its been long,i know...i apologize and i'm ready to make this work with us..hey, your girl is feeling good today..

Just got back from a trip and i must have had way too much fun with the Statue of Liberty and ground zero and Times square and Empire states building and..ok, i'll stop now..bottom line, i had a blast on my trip and i'm back and ready to kick it..but for a few wheezing here and there..coughin and allergies etc i would be alright.

Just wanted to say i have missed this part of my life dearly and i'm ready to make it work right here...right now.

Hugs and Kisses
/Boogyee beib/