Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Resist the Party

Dear Diary,

You know what has alwayz intrigued me? People who walk around wearing smiles and filled with laughter when there’s a storm happening right in their hearts.

Endurance and fortitude are traits I’ve come to develop over time and some times when I have a lonnnnnng period of drought and trying times and it just seems like the tunnel never ends and its hard to imagine anyone else has it tougher than you.

Infact one can even get caught up In this mess so much that we have debates with friends on who has it tougher, almost like we’re competing for last place..little by little..sentence by sentence…every gossip..every phone call..every convo. brings us closer to our doom and with every word, and every consolation like “eya pele o”, “poor you, how are you coping” we ‘re drawn closer to our waterloo.

This party goes on and on…you continue to invite more guest..and seek more attention and before you know it, you are the host of the PITY PARTY and you do not realize it!!

Notice how it starts with words and just merely saying it and shortly after, negative emotions automatically invite themselves to those words unconsciously. because when we say, “Damn, I am screwed” the next time we are saying “why am I the only one that has so many problems” the next line slowly turns into something like this: “I am a failure, I am nobody” for the simple reason that its hard to keep a smiley face and maintain a good attitude when you say “I’m in trouble”. Even if you do not mean to get depressed those words automatically bring along their matching emotions.

There, you have it, you’re now the MC of your own Pity Party dictating the schedule and introducing the next item on the agenda because you know for a fact that the next email you receive is a rejection letter and you already have familiarized yourself with the tone and pitch of failure it knows you by your nick name!

Anyhow these were some of the thoughts I battled with last week as I was tempted to make a pity party for myself … until I met some one whose problems made mine look like cotton candy on a nice summer day!

It’s like the little boy who was crying he had no shoes till he met another fellow who had no feet!

then I said to myself ehi, retrace your steps, it aint even that serious.

Lessons Learned

Regardless of what you’re facing, remember it could be worse and there’s people going through more difficult situations and maintaining a great attitude.

At every phase of one’s life, there’s always a lesson to be learnt, this particular thought has always kept me going in trying times because I tell myself, its just a phase and it will pass. you always have to remember, nothing ever last forever, the tide will turn but it will be very tragic if the phase just passes by without getting any lessons out of it.

Its like going through training or attending lectures and taking tests without any real certificate. Imagine going to Medical school for years and on your last day, you’re told you cant practice as a doctor or allowed to implement any training you received, frustrating eh?

Every Phase of Life brings with it a life lesson, its tuition free but you cant learn it in any formal institution, maximize the opportunity and Resist the Party.

Have a blessed week,
Bourgy Babe

“Eya, Pele o” literally means: “Aww…sorry” in the Yoruba language of Nigeria


Jennifer said...

Very inspirational. We all love the pity party don't we. But you know what, most of the time, the people telling you "sorry", "pele", "it is well" love hearing your stories and secretly want you to come back with more. Your obstacles make them feel better about their own problems.

My point: no matter what you going through, try to keep it to yourself as much as you can and pray every chance you get :)

Bourgy Babe said...

True That Jenny.

Not every one who tells you "sorry" is really sorry you're going through rough times.Thanks for reading miss.

Diamond said...

very true..Christians are the best hope givers dont host a pityparty.
very inspirational..and yes each word has an emotion tied to it..the more u speak it the more u accept it..