Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is my Confession

Dear Diary,

I am so happy…soo very happy. ‘ve got the love of Jesus in my heart. I am so happy. so very got the love of jesus in my heart.

This is the tune on my lips this morning..I havent sang that song in over 10years and for some reason, it just enters my lips..shocked? I am!

As I mouth this sunday school rhyme, I remember an incident that happened a few days ago..A colleague gave me a ride in her car and I started singing and 10seconds into my rendition, she reached for the radio and slowly turned up the volume..and I just burst into laughter!

Why would you do that? I asked..and this is what came out of her mouth “Ehi, you must really think you can sing, I always hear you attempting one song or the other around the office, please stop cuz you suck!”

That was definitely an ‘LOL’ moment for me and I began to explain to her where I was coming from.

I grew up like most other kids where your parents scolded you if you did something wrong and praised you for doing right. However my mama is extra liberal with her praise and generously reminded me who I was several times daily.

She calls me a Princess of glory,, angel and all sorts of 1derful names I guess you can say its similar to the “ORIKI” names some people go by but it wasn’t just praise, It was a real consistent message that was intentional and deliberate and that also came with her telling us(my siblings and I) not just who we were but what we could be and where we would go.

She would say things like your future is so bright, you will be sought after by heads of state to proffer a solution, you would have breakfast in Dublin, lunch in England and dinner in New York because you will be very important to your world!

Now, come to think of it, I don’t know how possible that will be considering the distance and the jet lag but I BELIEVED IT..

So amongst many other things she tells me, is that I CAN SING!! so don’t blame me Jennifer, if I don’t believe you, its too late to change mama’s opinion!

The great business about been consistently fed with confession especially as a child is that you have no RIGHTS whatsoever to think or say otherwise to yourself because you learned to trust the source, also you pick up from where your source stops.

Even when mom wasn’t always there to tell me who I was, I never forgot my identity.. I continued where mama stopped. I kept on saying “I’m a princess of glory and I’m going places” I must have said that for over 10years until I recently adopted another mantra which was inspired by my pastor Wale, “I’m going very far”

Now, when I speak to my mom, occasionally she still calls me a Princess of Glory but the great thing is she doesn’t even have to remind me of my name, I know who I am.
All I’m trying to say is speak over your life and mean it ..I remember clearly when I started saying “I am going places” repeatedly, I don’t even think I understood fully what it meant but over the years, I’ve come to believe it and now, I act like it. I behave like it. I talk like it.


Self confession is the most effective way to believe and whatever you can conceive and believe, you can definitely achieve.

The human mind is so malleable, you can literally manipulate your mind into a mold and believe anything about yourself and soon enough your reality will be an expression of the mold just like you imagined.

As you have said it in my hearing, so will be done unto you-The Bible

Once you have said it, twice have I heard it-The bible

I am going very far, I am the head and not the tail. I am a Royal. I am a city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden. I am a star and I am making an impact in my world.This is what i tell myself everyday.

Remember, you are not what people call you but what you call yourself and what you answer to.

This is my Confession. Can I hear yours?

Yours Sincerely,
Bourgy Babe ©

Translation: ‘ORIKI’ refers to praise names or aliases given to people by a member of their family, who is usually an older relative or grandparent. It is an old tradition that has been practiced by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria.

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Anonymous said...

Since Pastor Wale said that " I am going far" on Jan 1st 2010, I've spoken 2 my life, my destiny and I have gone far and still going! My confession is that my destiny is greater than my present and people who tell me I am not good at something, they don't know my God!!!! Thanks Ehi for ur blog!!!!