Saturday, September 25, 2010

I’m getting ‘THERE’

To me, THERE is a place where every thing makes sense, it’s a place of clarity, where it seems like the elements and the universe have conspired to favour you.

‘THERE’ signifies a place of strength, a place where you thank God for the suffering and pain you were exposed to because you realize how much of your life you owe to an ugly past else there will be no story for a colorful NOW..

‘THERE’ is a place of gratitude…almost like a place of confluence… where the nile meets and all you’ve struggled for in time past just falls into your hands effortlessly, easily and happily.
The bible talks about how your lines are falling in pleasant places..When you get ‘THERE‘, this scripture makes so much more sense..

‘THERE’ makes it all worth all your experiences, including the pain you have felt, books you’ve read, speakers you’ve heard, people whom you’ve “accidentally” met and all you have been exposed to gives room to reason.

‘THERE’ is a beautiful place..its knows no struggle, no confusion, brings no sweat or furrows to your brows. Everything comes to you naturally and with great rewards.

Can you imagine someone paying you millions to shop? or dine out? or do something you absolutely love? the feeling of elation eh? oh its like a square peg in a square discomforts of any kind..

If you’re still on your way ‘THERE‘, keep going..don’t stop journeying…you might be a bus stop away..the driver doesn’t make any stop announcement because when you get THERE, you will know it!

‘THERE’ is not very far away

Yours in Faith,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The last 21days

Dear Diary,

Its been long..21days long!

Sitting here in this restaurant waiting for my meeting to begin and I pull out my very handy laptop of a companion and this is what my last 21days has been like:

Day 1. I need new things to start happening in my life and I’m craving NEW so bad that I let my lease run out so I get a new place.

Day 2. I will resume working on a project that will opportune me to change people’s perspectives and mindset on Africa and It excites me plenty much

Day 3. I’m on a mission to make a HUGE impact in my world so I’m doing all I know to increase my capacity

Day 4. I adopted Jennifer Hudson’s motto from weight watchers.. I can. I will. I am

Day 5. I felt like I needed to lose weight and work out

Day 6. I feel like I’m doing too much at the same time…I’m just wearing too many hats and I need to give up one or two

Day 7. I have recently had at least 10 conversations about cheating husbands/boyfriends and I’m terrified!!

Day 8. I MUST parent a set of twins.

Day 9. I do not remember the last weekend I was home doing nothing…hosting events has me all weekend long

Day 10. I want to be a princess..I should have been born a princess...heck! I am a princess!

Day 11. Is it me or is every one you know born in September? Anywayz, I am excited for my birthday 41 days away

Day 12. I want to go vintage shopping because I’m due for a photo shoot

Day 13. I woke up this morning and realized how rusty my pidgin was and this is after I’ve given up on my ‘Esan’, so I’m deciding to continue my french lessons

Day 14. I’m taking Public Speaking Classes to sharpen my speaking skills

Day 15. I reconsidered my decision to set up my foundation for Abused Women in Africa when my friend told me lots of African Dads sexually abused their daughters

Day 16. I am desperate to get my hair to grow so I am now praying over it, speaking into it and laying hands on it to grow

Day 17. The older I get the more I wanna play and just live life as a child

Day 18. The Bourgeoisie Show is out pretty soon and I’m excited plenty much!!

Day 19. I’m considering becoming a vegetarian..I love meat but I imagine going without it will help me take better care of this sexy temple called Ehi.

Day 20. If you have to see it to believe it, you may never see it, ask any fine artist

Day 21 I have not blogged in 21 days and I missed it!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Dear Diary,

Do i take thee???

I’d have to think about it.

For how long? It depends
on my clarity..3mths? or 3yrs maybe? I couldn’t tell ya..

What does my thinking involve? Observing prayerfully. Observing mindfully. Observing objectively.

So I may not be the expert on this subject but I know choosing a life partner is the most crucial decision one would ever make in their lifetime, as a spouse can single handedly drive your aspirations or inhibit them.

Every where around me for some odd reason, holds a dialogue about marriage..every one is chanting it…BBM status…text messages..facebook…phone calls..twitter…face-to-face..either someone is tieing the knot or somebody Is getting served.

I cant run away from it..its in the air..its in my face!

Personally, I think Marriage is one of the greatest institutions ever created but one that’s not fully Explored. I often compare Marriage to my Phone contract..there’s a lot of fine prints and it does take time and effort to go over every one of the terms and conditions and really who has time to analyse a contract when my brand new phone is nicely packaged in the box waiting to be launched right?

Now, Imagine you have a Black Berry Curve which you absolutely love and have gotten so used to and then you notice your track ball falls off and after a few mishaps, you decide to trade in your scratched- up, beat- down, worn -out phone for a brand new, “Tear Rubber”, Black Berry Bold. That’s all well and dandy..BEFORE THE CONTRACT.

After uttering those two powerful syllabic words, “I DO” (signing a contract) you cant exactly “upgrade” your device, you have to stick with whatever model you get and at best, download various applications which did not come with your original package. *Ambition Application* *Faithfulness Application* *Financial Prudence Application* *Domestic Application*

The truth is that you may desire an application and find out that its NOT compatible with your Device.

Breaking the contract is ugly and should be avoided at all costs…so after much consideration what i really think we should do is change our vows to reflect our harried lives and the realities of a 21st century precarious type of union.

I really think if we enlarged the fine prints and people knew what they were getting into, they will be sure to think and double check before taking 'the big leap'.

Imagine the standard vow sounded something like this:

And to add to that, mine would probably sound like this:

"Do you promise to take me shopping whenever I deem fit , leave love notes on the fridge every day before work ,open all doors for me including the car door and keep me company in the kitchen while I make dinner?"


Before saying “I DO” and inking any signatures, take time to study the contract properly, make sure you read and agree to the Terms and Condition of this contract

This Contract Is your lottery ticket if you pair up with a device that runs a Millionaire application and even in cases of explosion, another application called spousal support automatically installs itself.

This union has the tendency to make you grin and smile to yourself occasionally at odd times

Side effects of this contract may include some UNreasonable level of happyNESS or UNreasonable levels of Misery...FOREVER!

The basic element of this contract is VALUE..its either been added or deducted

This contract has a WHOLEsome effect and leaves you feeling like there’s nothing else to do; when done right you are COMPLETE and when gone wrong, you are FINISHED!

So before you say "I DO", please do some soul searching and know exactly what you're saying "I DO" to.

Food For Thought: A Good man is better than a good Job. Agree/Disagree

Yours Forever
Ehi Bourgeoisie