Thursday, September 23, 2010

The last 21days

Dear Diary,

Its been long..21days long!

Sitting here in this restaurant waiting for my meeting to begin and I pull out my very handy laptop of a companion and this is what my last 21days has been like:

Day 1. I need new things to start happening in my life and I’m craving NEW so bad that I let my lease run out so I get a new place.

Day 2. I will resume working on a project that will opportune me to change people’s perspectives and mindset on Africa and It excites me plenty much

Day 3. I’m on a mission to make a HUGE impact in my world so I’m doing all I know to increase my capacity

Day 4. I adopted Jennifer Hudson’s motto from weight watchers.. I can. I will. I am

Day 5. I felt like I needed to lose weight and work out

Day 6. I feel like I’m doing too much at the same time…I’m just wearing too many hats and I need to give up one or two

Day 7. I have recently had at least 10 conversations about cheating husbands/boyfriends and I’m terrified!!

Day 8. I MUST parent a set of twins.

Day 9. I do not remember the last weekend I was home doing nothing…hosting events has me all weekend long

Day 10. I want to be a princess..I should have been born a princess...heck! I am a princess!

Day 11. Is it me or is every one you know born in September? Anywayz, I am excited for my birthday 41 days away

Day 12. I want to go vintage shopping because I’m due for a photo shoot

Day 13. I woke up this morning and realized how rusty my pidgin was and this is after I’ve given up on my ‘Esan’, so I’m deciding to continue my french lessons

Day 14. I’m taking Public Speaking Classes to sharpen my speaking skills

Day 15. I reconsidered my decision to set up my foundation for Abused Women in Africa when my friend told me lots of African Dads sexually abused their daughters

Day 16. I am desperate to get my hair to grow so I am now praying over it, speaking into it and laying hands on it to grow

Day 17. The older I get the more I wanna play and just live life as a child

Day 18. The Bourgeoisie Show is out pretty soon and I’m excited plenty much!!

Day 19. I’m considering becoming a vegetarian..I love meat but I imagine going without it will help me take better care of this sexy temple called Ehi.

Day 20. If you have to see it to believe it, you may never see it, ask any fine artist

Day 21 I have not blogged in 21 days and I missed it!!

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