Wednesday, February 23, 2011

...for better days

Dear Diary,

This is taking long…like I’ve never had my virtues tried this much.

I had my weekly chiropractic appointment makes sense with Dr. Liz in my life.
I made up my mind to check in with my Chiropractor weekly when my back aches escalated and the multiple purses and bags I carry around aren’t helping much either.Anyways, after the hot stones and massage, Ehi is feeling very peppy and confident to take on another week.

Getting to work and its like all the bubbles and air had sipped away as I’m going back and forth with my boss, remembering some crucial tasks that needs to be taken care of and ve been expecting an important call that hasn’t come thru yet and this right here..this rogers bill? Just takes the piss.
So its now 4:45pm and I’m packin up and ready to call it a day but I’m not very pleased but such is life init?

So I encourage myself and keep my head up for better days.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post Determination

Dear Diary,

I ‘m happy to finanlly get the time and space to spend 8 uninterupted hours with me…no concerns; No worries; No serious To-do-lists, life is good.

So its been an interesting month for me, trying so hard to keep up with my resolutions and goals and I must say, its been far from easy. When I seem to be faring well, the cravings kick in or worse, complacency and so a journey that is supposed to be measured annually becomes a daily striving.
In general, I think I’m steering this ship right…ve finanlly got around to been the captain of my ship, Me.

My thoughts right now on this Sunday afternoon goes as follows:

You get out of a relationship, what you put in no more no less. Friendships are like ATM machines, you can only withdraw up to the amount you have desposited there so if you keep taking and taking and never depositing, you will eventually go red. On the flip side, when you leave your account dormant with no activity, don’t expect non existent numbers to suddenly come alive when you need them.

When I am a world apart from you and you expect me to cross my ocean to your side and my natural inclination is to expect the same of you, wisdom suggests that we create an island where we can both meet in the middle; and only by compromise would we ever reason together.

When you keep knocking on doors and pushing and pressing in and all you get in reponse is a N-O, determination is what makes you keep going back over and over again to keep knocking, but sometimes determination in itself is not enough. ROYALTY is what makes you burst your way through the roof top and say, here I am and I Need this Job/Promotion because it is my RIGHT! The bottom is too crowded...turn it up a notch..Alot of us claim to need this and want that but How badly do you need it? Cuz if you want it so badly, you will get it so swiftly

Its not the A’s on your diploma or the ZERO’s on your account statement or even the letters attached to your name that differentiates you but something so simple yet rare...the human connection.

I'm at a post-determination point right now and i thought i'd share.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun is Serious Business Too

Dear Diary,

Its Family day in Toronto and as i tried to open my eyes and roll outta bed, i might as well have just negotiated with a rock cuz my body aches...yea, when you sleep at the feet of two babes sandwiched together and you cant even exercise the liberty of a misplaced arm or the privilege of a pillow then you know you had a jam and half!

My girls and i have been taking turns to plan parties and of course dami decided to pull a two day notice on us and once you have a few eligible men on the pooker table and some hotties on the couch relieving highlights of the night, you know you had a good party..whatever happened in between was for us to know and for you to find out.

So even though i'm starting my holiday with some back pains here and stiff neck there, it was worth it..i have my weekly massage appointment tomorrow anyways!

Spending time with my girl's has gradually become an item of luxury on my To do list and you know work, life,getting ahead,projects and just these 'serious things' take precedence.A huge piece of my time pie is consumed by serious thoughts and you give it your all and suddenly, a realization hits you "i have no fun anymore" and cuz it just creeps up on ya, there's no way of finding out.

Today,i'm not talking about goals or dreams or ambitions..matter of fact the only goal i have today is to enjoy my self to the fullest and if i need to scream, shout, play, laugh, eat decadent cakes, drink, make sand castles or snow men or play wii all day, i WILL.

I WILL, because my emotional well being is serious business too. Why am i the only one awake in the midst of these snores? Okay, got to run, i have pictures to take.


Bourgy Babe