Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post Determination

Dear Diary,

I ‘m happy to finanlly get the time and space to spend 8 uninterupted hours with me…no concerns; No worries; No serious To-do-lists, life is good.

So its been an interesting month for me, trying so hard to keep up with my resolutions and goals and I must say, its been far from easy. When I seem to be faring well, the cravings kick in or worse, complacency and so a journey that is supposed to be measured annually becomes a daily striving.
In general, I think I’m steering this ship right…ve finanlly got around to been the captain of my ship, Me.

My thoughts right now on this Sunday afternoon goes as follows:

You get out of a relationship, what you put in no more no less. Friendships are like ATM machines, you can only withdraw up to the amount you have desposited there so if you keep taking and taking and never depositing, you will eventually go red. On the flip side, when you leave your account dormant with no activity, don’t expect non existent numbers to suddenly come alive when you need them.

When I am a world apart from you and you expect me to cross my ocean to your side and my natural inclination is to expect the same of you, wisdom suggests that we create an island where we can both meet in the middle; and only by compromise would we ever reason together.

When you keep knocking on doors and pushing and pressing in and all you get in reponse is a N-O, determination is what makes you keep going back over and over again to keep knocking, but sometimes determination in itself is not enough. ROYALTY is what makes you burst your way through the roof top and say, here I am and I Need this Job/Promotion because it is my RIGHT! The bottom is too crowded...turn it up a notch..Alot of us claim to need this and want that but How badly do you need it? Cuz if you want it so badly, you will get it so swiftly

Its not the A’s on your diploma or the ZERO’s on your account statement or even the letters attached to your name that differentiates you but something so simple yet rare...the human connection.

I'm at a post-determination point right now and i thought i'd share.

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