Wednesday, February 23, 2011

...for better days

Dear Diary,

This is taking long…like I’ve never had my virtues tried this much.

I had my weekly chiropractic appointment makes sense with Dr. Liz in my life.
I made up my mind to check in with my Chiropractor weekly when my back aches escalated and the multiple purses and bags I carry around aren’t helping much either.Anyways, after the hot stones and massage, Ehi is feeling very peppy and confident to take on another week.

Getting to work and its like all the bubbles and air had sipped away as I’m going back and forth with my boss, remembering some crucial tasks that needs to be taken care of and ve been expecting an important call that hasn’t come thru yet and this right here..this rogers bill? Just takes the piss.
So its now 4:45pm and I’m packin up and ready to call it a day but I’m not very pleased but such is life init?

So I encourage myself and keep my head up for better days.

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