Saturday, September 25, 2010

I’m getting ‘THERE’

To me, THERE is a place where every thing makes sense, it’s a place of clarity, where it seems like the elements and the universe have conspired to favour you.

‘THERE’ signifies a place of strength, a place where you thank God for the suffering and pain you were exposed to because you realize how much of your life you owe to an ugly past else there will be no story for a colorful NOW..

‘THERE’ is a place of gratitude…almost like a place of confluence… where the nile meets and all you’ve struggled for in time past just falls into your hands effortlessly, easily and happily.
The bible talks about how your lines are falling in pleasant places..When you get ‘THERE‘, this scripture makes so much more sense..

‘THERE’ makes it all worth all your experiences, including the pain you have felt, books you’ve read, speakers you’ve heard, people whom you’ve “accidentally” met and all you have been exposed to gives room to reason.

‘THERE’ is a beautiful place..its knows no struggle, no confusion, brings no sweat or furrows to your brows. Everything comes to you naturally and with great rewards.

Can you imagine someone paying you millions to shop? or dine out? or do something you absolutely love? the feeling of elation eh? oh its like a square peg in a square discomforts of any kind..

If you’re still on your way ‘THERE‘, keep going..don’t stop journeying…you might be a bus stop away..the driver doesn’t make any stop announcement because when you get THERE, you will know it!

‘THERE’ is not very far away

Yours in Faith,

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