Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What’s that you have in your hand?

Dear Diary,

Art…Craft…Hair…Photography…design…fashion..styling..painting…poetry..musiq..consulting..cooking… talking…organizing.
These are all my thoughts today as I look through some face book pictures..I’m in awe!!

What’s the definition of an entrepreneur? I think its when you find something you can do and love to do and find a way to get paid for it…

Its no more news to hear that 23, 24 yr olds are incorporating successful businesses without the help of their parents.

Gone are the days when you hid behind the success of your heroes past…its no more cool to brag about the achievements of our parents...the new question is, what do you do??

Back in the days growing up n Nigeria, when people engaged in arguments or fights, they would start by saying”Do you know who my Father is”?
Everyone was quick to brag about daddy’s wealth and fortune, just in case you have not caught the drift yet, there’s still time to ask yourself what can I do for me with what I’m endowed with?

Today, I ‘m learning that you don’t have to see the whole picture to start sketching..get to work!

I am reminded of my hair stylist, Maggie from Ghana who makes awesome braids and makes a sweet living doing that TAX FREE!!

I am inspired by the consistency and determination of Eni ( DAVID) and Cynthia (Emua Fashions), for every needle poke and sleepless night is a dress and a designer closer to perfection.

I am motivated by the creativity of Atim (Afrolems) and William (Willyverse), its not just food or photography, it’s the ability to use your passion and share your gifting with the world

I am stirred up by my friends Angela (Angiemax hair studio) and Olamide (Elonn Magazine) because they understand that starting small doesn’t mean you are staying small.

Ayo Noble and Jibola Fagbamiye blow me away with their art and creativity and every time they pick up a paint brush or a sketch pad, all they’re saying to God is that they are grateful for the talent entrusted to them and they have the capacity to receive more.

Come out and be inspired by Ayonoble on her art show. Its a free event!!

Are you a new graduate that cant find a job? CREATE one for yourself and be your own boss!!

I need to find out what else I have in my hand I’m not using..while I’m at it, can I ask you

What’s that you have in your hand?

Yours Sincerely
Ehi Bourgeoisie

*None of the aforementioned individuals asked me to do this*

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Anonymous said...

Amazing..what a wonderful piece you put together.I love the fact that you highlight the young entrepreneur trying to make it in the community. Excellent