Monday, July 19, 2010

Get A Vision for it

Dear Diary,

The sun is great. The weather is nice.My shorts are out and I’m beaching.Usually summer time is a time to chill, relax and everyone lets their hair down and takes a break(vacation, cottage, trip to the mother land, sports…) or even just lounging and spending quality time with your home.

When you get into people’s homes, you can pretty much tell their stories from the visible indicators all around their houses.Some might have scented candles, pictures frames, flowers, awards, babypictures etc whatever the case is, you should have a very good grasp on their priorities and their journey thus far.

In my case, the first thing you notice when you come in through the doors is a drawn portrait of me that looks nothing like me and while you’re still trying to figure it and out and scrutinize this poorly drawn picture of me, immediately you get distracted and BANG! There it is!! Staring right at you, a board almost like a child’s school project and you see random scattered images of various pictures- a nice house,a car, my unpublished book,a beautiful studded ring and my agreement to be a wonder amongst alot other pictures..

From my studies of very successful people and in my personal life, I've found a vision board to be extremely effective. Not only does it drive me on mornings when i dont feel like doing anything, but it also serves as a reminder to God, the universe and my subconscious mind where i'm going My Vision Board
I've had a vision board for about 3years now and its amazing how 'mysteriously', the puzzle is coming together and i cant count how many times i've been called ehi-the-dreamer but i'd rather have "unrealistic" fantasies and expectations than dream small afterall there's only so much i can be and so far i can go with a "realistic" and "logical" frame of mind...

I urge you too to make a vision board with your dreams and your desires and when doing so, consider NOT your present circumstances or your available resources, that's not your job to figure out!


I've learned in theory and in practice that what you can conceive in your mind, you can achieve

I'm learning that success begins first with the mind and since your subconsious responds first to images and pictures,its important to feed your mind with images that resonate with your dreams

Yours in thought
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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