Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friendly Future

Dear Diary,

Its been a beautiful week thus far…I’ve just been favored and blessed!
So right now, am on the TTC on my way from work reading my book, I raise my head up and I’m immediately drawn towards an ad on the bus and it reads “TELUS, The future is friendly”

This is not the first time, I’m seeing this Telus Ad but today, I think something within me just resonated with the ad..i was staring at this ad for the longest time and thinking I have seen this ad a million times but why was I getting excited?
Maybe it’s the consciousness, the truth or the precision of that ad that got me animated ...i had finally cued into wasn’t just an ad..or string of was describing something pertinent to ME…MY LIFE..MY FUTURE..ITS FRIENDLY!!!

And of course, after this realization, I started to think of how I had not read this in this manner prior to now, I failed to see how bright my future was even if I had said it…I had not fully understood the enormity of it.

Despite your present circumstances right now,(broke; busted and disgusted, jobless, car-less,heart broken) I need you to come to the realization that I did yesterday..take your eyez off the present for a second. Your future is so bright its ridiculous!!

when you enter your dazzling future, you're gonna look back to these times and realize how senseless it was to even worry!

However, you need to know that Regardless of how luminous and friendly your future is, if you fail to really see it, you can’t walk into it

So get excited about your tomorrow,its worth doing a chicken dance for!

Yours in-excitement
Ehi Bourgeoisie

P.S: If you see me walking with some springs in my steps, its not cuz I bought new shoes(even if i have serious plans to do so) its because I am finally convinced my future is FRIENDLY!

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