Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What are You Doing?

Dear Diary,

It’s an easy week for me and as I ponder on the craziness of last week-G20, President Jonathan in Toronto, Super Eagles been eliminated, socio-economic affairs, and all this happenings..i think..i think of Nigeria…my heart deliberates on Africa.

These events have caused some people to strike Nigeria down, It makes me question their faith (or lack thereof) some of us have lost the last bit of hope we bet on Africa and its people…I know Nigeria, (giant of Africa, most populous black nation on earth and very much endowed) was not invited to the G20 conference and we lost a chance to win the world cup to a much inexperienced team and some people seem to be really distraught and irate about that… almost to a pessimistic and cynical point. We get it. You’re disappointed…NOW WHAT?

Some people even went to the ridiculous point of calling the super eagles “super chickens” and “morons” and saying they deserved to die!! Can you imagine? I think its ridiculous, unnecessary and uncalled for!!

Have you asked If they had the right resources (a good coach) at the appropriate time to train for the world cup…? Can you guarantee they did not put their best foot forward? you think if they had the EXACT SAME atmosphere and resources that the Argentines had, they would not win the world cup??

If you did not ask these questions before ridiculing them and your country, guess who’s the super chicken and the moron and the fool? You guessed right...YOU!!

For Pete’s sake, all I’m saying is we all have a role to play in Nigeria/Africa
moving forward as a country and as a continent...stop pointing fingers and DO SOMETHING from where you are..yes you the international student from not partner with small minds to put Nigeria are NIGERIAN! You put it down, you put yourself the business owner…stop debasing your country..Foreigners view Nigeria from your eyes..And you wonder why you’re not getting that contract? After you’ve told them there’s no hope in Nigeria…you can DO SOMETHING about the situation..You the Engineer, I’m talking about you the hair stylist..uhmm hmm even you, the Customer Service rep, Stop waiting on those in authority to save can DO SOMETHING from your living room to change the country..after all we are the government of Nigeria..There’s nobody whose name is Nigerian Government..We are the government!!

In your own little way, do your part, play your role..take on the ambassadorial task that has been assigned to you and do it DILIGENTLY in HONESTY and INTERGRITY. I am so sick of hearing people point fingers at this and that and curse the government out..yes, I know they may not be doing their best..but what stops you from playing your role? I think from the way most of us behave from even little things assigned to us, we will do far worst if we’re ever in a position of power.

Remember,He who is faithful in little will be faithful in Much, Just saying!

Ehi Bourgeoisie