Monday, June 7, 2010

My Hair Stylist

Dear Diary,

Thank God for a new day… a new week… a new month. Its been a good summer thus far. I have a very good feeling about the month of June..its a month of Celebration so you best believe, I will have lots to celebrate this mid year.

I had a great weekend…apart from going to church and been really stirred up by my resourceful, funny and inspiring pastor, I hung out with my friends and went on a bowling/lounging date.

Anyhoo, today I wanna talk about my hair hair stylist from Ghana.
She just puts sense to the age old phrase “There’s dignity in labour”

So I had my hair done by her on Saturday and I tell ya…I have never seen anyone pay so much attention to a job..i literally had to beg her to allow me leave as my friend had been waiting downstairs to pick me up…she applies herself like her life depended on the job

Talk of attention to detail..finanlly I give her the last extension to finish up my braids and in excitement, I get up to leave..”she tells me ooh no Ehi, we are not done yet..i need to trim this and burn that and yea..put those strands in hot water..and oooh before you leave, let me get that braid spray cuz you’d need it.”

TRYING TO GET A GOOD SHOT(die hard photo blogger lol)
I hear you saying of course, “did you not pay her”..uh uh..’m talking of going the extra mile and going above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. you’d have to beg her to do a “lousy” job and she refuses blatantly!

You know I first found out about her when her little daughter walked up to me in Yorkdale mall a few months ago and said in the cutest and most polite voice “Excuse me, my mommy does hair” and extended a card to me. You know I thought to myself…”this is brilliant help to your mommy” and while I may not need this service I’d take it to encourage this kid..long story short, since I got that card, Maggie my stylist must have gotten at least 20 new customers from reccomendations..cuz I gave a recommendation to a friend who did the same and you know a good job ALWAYZ speaks for itself.

There’s dignity in GOOD labour…she may not have a huge salon right now..heck! she does not even have a salon..she does this marvellous job professionally in her living room with her little kidz but you don’t need the pomp and pageantry to “perform” a notable service. you just never know who’s doing a recommendation or who’s in neeed for your service or who’s watching..

Today, i am inspired by Maggie,my hair stylist from Ghana.She's a diligent, industrious, professional and thorough mother of two rendering excellent and affordable hair services. who/what inspires you?


If its worth doing, its worth doing well. I love that Maggie didn’t wait to get her own salon to start her business

You never know where your next break is coming a great job and let your works speak.

Yours in service
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Chibie said...

Very very lovely hair, Ehi. So noble of you to acknowledge her on your blog. You are a sweetheart xoxo

DAV!D said...

You're fast becoming an inspirational blogger o!

Onyetv made you!!! Bwahaha!!! Remember that ish?!!! Straight up clowning!

I said...

Thanks Chibie..shes awesome trust me!

Eni, LOL..LOL..THAT boy is jokes eh..i forgot he even said that..lmao

Thanks for reading my blog Eni and Chibie :)

Diamond said...

well done..I love it and very a job doing is worth doing well no matter how big or small the outcome might be..
Please send me her contact details and prices if you dont mind..Thanks

I said...

hey diamond dear,

i tried to comment on ur blog but i couldnt..very inspiring blog.

of course i dont mind giving you her contact..very nice n professional lady

her name is Maggie..her number is 416 243 9969. Let me know how it goes:)

Thanks for reading my blog dear!

Diamond said...

Thanks for visiting..I have corrected the comment session...Thanks for letting me know..

Thanks for the contact information..nice blog u have here.:)

Anyaposh said...

I like the sound of painless braid/twisting. Good work putting in that recommendation.