Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Dear Diary,

Is it possible to be under the submission of the elements?

My friend has "depressing Mondays"

It sickens me that he actually believes it too

he thinks his mondays are alwayz gonna be depressing...he's soo sure of it and so therefore mondays deliver to him what he demands of it..mood swings..missed appointments..annoying nagging people..'stupid'drivers,

So i just spoke to him a few seconds ago and i asked him, howz ur day going?

And he gives me the same response he's given me for ages, "you know how my Mondays are, no need to ask..Depressing!"

Now, this individual is the most playful and cheerful person on earth! so for him to tag his mondays as depressing you know its a real problem.

I have heard this for sooooo long about this depressing monday and i am sick of
hearing the same response

Nywayz, i start telling him what i am telling you today, There's no such thing as depressing Mondays

you make Mondays what it is to you..you define what it is and how it turns out

you are the friggin captain of this ship(btw, you are the ship)

You are the Boss..resume duty and stop letting the elements that are subservient to you dictate how your day should go..

As for me, i've decided that i will have:

Magnificient Mondays
Productive Tuesdays
Fruity Wednesdays
Wondrous Thursdays
Freaky fridays..nah, i kid Great fridays
Adventurous Saturdays
Soulful Sundays
and thats just me creating my dayz the way i like and
And i have defined my days like this and thats exactly what they are

Lessons Learned

Resume Duty as the boss-Remember you are the only one that creates

Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting

We are like magnets - like attract like. You become AND attract what you think

Yours Sincerly
Captain Ehi Bourgeoisie


DuduOmoOniDada said...

You're so right though. It is up to you to make your own reality. And often times, when we claim what we want for ourselves. Hopefully, your friend learns sooenr than later, to claim positivity for his Mondays. Nice blog, Ehi

I said...

thnks dear!