Friday, June 4, 2010

Relax, your Time is coming!

Dear Diary,

i need a pep talk today.

I'm having a moody friday today. you know contrary to what you may think, i'm not alwayz pumped and ready to go..for the dayz that feel soo long because this depressing situation wont go away, i cry.

I find strength in shedding tears as i read that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

So i already feel the sweet relief and the after taste of this tears is flavorful.

Anywayz, i just hung up the line with my girl friend who incidentally feels unenthusiastic about her life right now as we both ranted and rambled about getting a better job and getting into Med school and for a few seconds it felt good to just complain paying that stupid bill and getting another apartment as my current apt pisses me off right now and i need to get a damnn car! arrrrgh! The other day, it rained in Toronto and the rain beat me soo much i was drenched and furious!!

ok..ok..'m done! am done ranting. my friend n i ended the phone convo relieving dayz that we would whine about getting into that school program or getting a job and guess what? 2years later,we have all of that so i learned that while the road may not seem that rosy (especially when you see your friends on facebook "living the life"), its important to know that:

1) Every one has their time.

2) Things have actually gotten alot better, you just dont see them.

Thanks for listening diary, I'M BACK! I FEEL GREAT ALREADY!

I scheduled a rant date with my girlfriend later today at a Nigerian restaurant. *Phone call in order to change the program to a gratitude date*


Once in a while, its okay to just vent off and get it all out of your system just dont dwell on the negativity

Sometimes life can get you down, find somebody who can lift your spirit not somebody to remind you of your failures

Take your eyez off every one else for now. Relax, your Time is coming!

Yours Sincerly,
Bourgy Babe


DuduOmoOniDada said...

I wish I couldnt relate to this :(

I guess the way that it works is that you cry is out (and hopefully) the pain, disgust, anger and regrets, seep away out of your body in the form of tears. Two weeks ago, I was at a friend's house and I had started to cry and he suggested that I stopped crying. I told hm that crying for me, is a form of release. We cant always be strong, shoot, even Jesus wept for crying out loud!

I can so relate with the feeling of being far from where you want to be and needing so much but having few or no resources (in sight) to get there. Thank God that you had someone to cry with.

Someday, you two will look back on yesterday and praise yourselves for having made it through. Remember this post then, Ehi.

Your time is coming. And dont forget, that although you dont see it in plain sight, alot of people are having problems similar to yours and those who are where you want to be, probably felt thesame way you feel, at some point. But they still got there... at their own time.

It is well

Miss Simon said...

Everybody goes through this at some point in their life, most especially new graduates. We are all told that once you get that degree, you'll get a good job, make lots of money. This doesn't happen as often as we are told. it does take time but if you work hard and are persistent...your time will come

I said...

thanks Mbang and Tolu!

i guess we are have times in our lives we wish we were in someone else's shoes but i know there's people who'd die to be in our shoes so for that am grateful.

Thank you ladies for reading my blog:)