Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Diary,

I’m having an awesome moment right now!

I’m really thrilled and enthused about life right now..No, I didn’t get a promotion and I haven’t got my car yet or my fancy condo or stumbled unto some sweet molar deal. All it took to feel this estactic was to reminisce on my last 2 years and I just bursted out in praise and gratitude…when life hands us challenges and difficulties, its often hard to be of good cheer and recollect the seeming “little miracles” that has been delivered to you. Today, I stopped in my tracks to give thanks for an amazing last 2years.

As I began to fill my gratitude diary, I realized I had covered well over 3 pages. The more I wrote, the more I recollected.

I recalled the big moments and the small miracles and it just felt good to know even though I’m not where I want to be YET, I am certainly NOT where I used to be.

I have a lot to be thankful for so I’m not supplicating today just appreciating.

I am thankful for 134Elitz Magazine…even though I do not publish that magazine anymore, the doors that have opened to me as a result of that position have been mind blowing!

I am thankful for that night Tosin and I had no place to sleep, like we were BROKE BUSTED n HOMELESS we walked into a club and she uttered "i wish someone would just offer us a hotel now" Literally 2mins later, God brought a gentleman by the name of Bobby..he asked "Do you mind if i booked a hotel for you girls" hah!! Not only did we get a hotel, the offer came with meal and full tank of gas! and no, he didnt want anything..we havent seen him since then!

I am thankful for that moment I thought it was O-V-E-R for me on my way to Detroit with Nike and Tosin-Phew! That one defies human comprehension..verrry close call!

I am thankful for the instant bail out when I got an eviction notice on my door and literally hours later, God sent me rent for 4months!

I am thankful for when I had immigration complications and God once again came through for me. An immigration officer called me and said ‘Ehi, what do you want’..Blank cheque!!!!

I am thankful for the Bourgeoisie show! I’m living my life exactly like I dreamed!

I am thankful for my health-I sincerely do not remember what a hospital looks like, haven’t been in over 2decades!(no exaggerations here)

I am thankful for my job, my future, my relationship, my parents, my family, my awesome Destiny!

I could not write much, this is just one third of my gratitude diary..i wanted to inspire you to think..really think of what you’ve been through and all the close calls and the will be AMAZED.

I am thankful for YOU reading this..thank you for reading

Stay in an attitude of Gratitude,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Miss Simon said...

This is great. I think people forget about the small things that happen in life..not knowing that these small moment have a great impact. Gratitude is easily over looked

wiwi splash said...

even if we put mouth all over our body one cant still finish saying thank you.Gratitude is very important ,the more you show how grateful u are the more u recieve.thanks for reminding me am get my gratitude book now.

Diamond said...

very are an interesting writer...will like to meet you someday

Bourgy Babe said...

awww...thank you guyz..i learnt you have to be thankful for where you are to get to where you need to be

Afe said...

wow! Haven't you had your share of lemons... but I tell you; when the bible says "be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with THANKSGIVING..." I tell u, that verse is hunting me! lol In any case, we can't thank GOD enough! But I'm proud of u sweetie, cuz this is the start! Thanksgiving xoxo

Nikki Tosh said...

Many thanks my dear, many many uncountable thanks...i do a reflection almost everyday, and im like WOW, gratitude can never be enough...what really interests me in ur post was the day me you n tosin went to detroit, if u have no reason whatsoever to thank God, you 'best' be thankful for that day, i remain thankful till forever! the sky is just the beginning for all of us especially those of us that have keyed into this season of sowing, reaping and gratitude, watch us in five to ten years, its gonna be AMAZING!!!!!!

Kamba said...

the same God who brings us to it will bring us through it. that's something I'm learning to get comefortable with. He'll never leave us hanging. nooo!

Sisi Yemmie said...

I should give thanks....ive been too greedy and ungarteful lately : Where can i watch your show?

t said...

wow i often remember everything that we went through and most times i often forget that most of it was self imposed but we always kept pushing. I can never forget Bobby, God bless him for he probably never knew how much of a blessing he was that night. Even though it was a stressful period with the magazine it was one of the best times in my life. to see something that was only a concept turn into reality is a beautiful and unforgettable thing! as for detroit lmao all i have to say is "what da hell were we thinking!!!!!!" we didnt even understand d ramifications of our actions! anyways i know one day in the future when we have all gotten to where we want to be we will sit down and reminisce about all these monumental events experienced together. I thank God for you guys, ehi couldnt have asked for a better person to experience it all with. Nike you weree always there, thank you. Afelicious even though u weren't dere physically u were good friends through it all! i could go on and on but then it will turn into tosins blog lol. i love you guys even though i dont say it enough! u know i hate getting mushy but be expecting a place on my train on my wedding day ;) lol.