Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Money Story

Dear Diary,

Its been a whole week i blogged..whoa!!

uhmm...what have i been up to? LOTS!

i've learned a lot in the last couple of dayz buh i will tell you about one lesson that stood out to me.

Two days ago, i had a conversation with my dad about a financial transaction and shortly after i hung up my friend inquired to know about my financial background in terms of spending behavior and how i grew up..

As i spoke to him on what seemed like a revelation that i'd just discovered, i concluded that:

Every single soul walking the surface of earth has a "MONEY STORY"

In my case, since i was brought up by a very thrifty and frugal father, i was taught you had to and save some more.

"Money does not grow on trees, you have to work hard for it" "you have to manage, i can’t afford it" “cut your coat according to your size” was a regular talk in my house.btw, these phrases were not tantamount to his bank account or a pay raise..the word “Manage” was just a CONSTANT and i consider my father to be a comfortable and rich man by any standard but i always had to ‘earn’ or account for every dime I spent.

Now, this is good discipline and I appreciate God for giving me a humble and prudent daddy every waking moment of my life.

However, I found that this money relationship ‘ve grown up with has made me give money more supremacy than it merits in my life. Instead of adopting the mindset that money is abundant and free flowing, my mind has subconsciously come to believe that I have to manage..Believe it or not, abundance starts from your thoughts and the conversation you have with yourself.

Some people have a story that tells them they do not deserve any good things for themselves..for others it might just be that the motive behind every one of your spending is wrong. Your motive could be to impress some body or to “show dem who’s boss” or to tell people you’re not doing badly and all these plus our experience, background, thoughts..etc… make up our beliefs and value system which make up money story.


Money is a force..if you're broke, its probably because something along the lines(thoughts, background, experience, mindset, tenet, belief) is BROKEN

Money is a spirit..if you're not experiencing its presence, maybe you need to literally invite it into your life and create a good atmosphere to thrive

Money is a mindset...if your financial reality is not pleasant, you need to tilt your head and look within and renew your mind

Money is a figure of speech..if your personal adjective is poor or "managing", you definitely need to change your money story

Lets break the forces of poverty thought by thought..dollar by dollar because our money story becomes our life story

Our money story permeates all we do: Its the decisions we take, its What we do, eat , read &listen to.. it all ties into our story. which becomes our life story!

What is your money story? Are you letting your experiences decide or are you consciously creating one?

Yours in Abundance
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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