Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear Diary,

Oops! Its June 9th 2010, 8:50am?!?

Are you kidding me?

Oh hell Nooooo!!

Those were my exact words when I got to Ministry of Transportation(MTO) today.
I’d gotten up extra early today, 6:00am to get ready for my very awesome day where my i would be attempting this for the THIRD time.

*sweaty palms* diaorrhea* racing heart*cold feet*

I managed to scurry to the office where I was to take my drive test only to be told by this wonderful attendant “Ma’am, you are late for your test, you’ve missed it”

Are you serious?!? Crap sh*t! How? Why? What do you mean?
Anywayz, it turns out I was an hour late…A WHOLE HOUR LATE!! Can you believe it?

I was disappointed in myself for 3seconds..yup..only 3seconds and afterwards, I felt some sweet relief..the clammy palms disappeared…knots loosened from my world was alright again. I’m actually verrry happy at this point..’m not sure why, maybe cuz I know whether I like it or not, I will get my license in due time.

As i write this i think of how much I have grown..once upon a time, I woulda gone on a guilt trip for days and I guess am just starting to realize that while its great to get what you want NOW, it doesn’t always happen as planned and when you cant do much about “IT” i admit my mistakes (my irresponsibility) and deal with the consequences of being licenceLESS for a few more days and simply move on!


While you may not be able to control the things that happen to you/on you/against you/towards you, you are certainly in charge of how you react to it and how much of IT you let into your life

The next time you’re tempted to go on a blame/pity Party, CHOOSE differently. Choose to be happy and move on regardless!
So you wonder why I missed my test and ‘m happy? I CHOOSE TO BE...HAPPY!

what are you choosing today? you might need to choose again

Ehi Bourgeoisie

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