Monday, May 31, 2010


*Read post on DONT AGREE before reading this*

Dear Diary,

Sorry for the break in transmission…I was about to round up my last post when I had a call to attend to a client but after attending to this person, i became so provoked and aggravated with this issue of complacency, I just had somebody ask me
is there was an expiry date to a shelter?!?

Are you serious?

You’ve been in that shelter for well over 5years and you ‘re not tired?!? Get your butt off the welfare line and get a damn job! People like you make my skin color symbolize lack. *hiss*

I know sometimes you need a hand up and shelters or government housing can be a sweet resort but pretty please can you not make that a permanent housing?

Ahhhh…I just needed to get that off my system..k..where was i? I was talking about how you’ve
become comfortable with your $45,000/yr…ooh sorry, that sounds like big money to you eh?

The worst part is there’s something else you’ll rather be doing than sitting there with a plastered smirk on your face!
Okay, ‘d speak for myself here…working a 9-5 doing the rat race earning $45,000/yr wasn’t my original plan (That’s a hypothetical number, not what I earn!)
I’m sticking to my original plan cuz ‘m loyal like dat…i refuse to agree to barely getting by and having not-enuf..i just DON’T AGREE to this threadmill…so join me, lets stick to the original plan of been the great (whatever you’d rather be doing) we intended.

You know, I heard my pastor say something the other day that was so eye opening. When you throw a frog that’s been in cold water into boiling water, the frog LEAPS! And jumps what nonsense is that? But when a frog is thrown into cold water and you gradually turn up the temperature of the water, the frog slowwwwly adjusts to the temperature...then the water gets hotter and still the frog adapts and even when its unbearably hot and boiling..the frog stays there and just dies. That’s how some of us have become, we have agreed to the unpleasant situation.


God does not change what you can tolerate or endure

I have learnt that the reason many people will die in their undesired state is because they are not yet fed up with it

If your attitude towards a negative trend is silence, then that’s proof that you are still enjoying it..expect the temperature to get hotter

DON’T AGREE to just be another statistic. There’s a better way to live, invite PROSPERITY & FULFILLMENT to your life today

Yours Sincerly
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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DuduOmoOniDada said...

I read "dont agree" before this and thank goodness I didnt make much of a comment on it because I felt like you said the story of my life on it to a T but I am not complacent at all. I'm farrrrrr(RRRRR) from where I thought I'd be but am even farther from giving up on getting there. I'm glad am not alone in this race, Ehi. You just keep at it. LOOOVE both posts. I'll come back to them whenever I feel like I need to be motivated. Thanks.