Saturday, May 22, 2010

Curriculum of love

Dear Diary,

Plz Teach me how to love.

And 'm not tryna be poetic or mushy..i really would like to learn how to go about this business of Loving.

I was chatting with a girlfriend the other day and part of what we spoke about was the non simplicity that exists in the very area of relationships .

As one who just got out of one, she insists that keeping a decent love life between two parties waz not rice and beans!

First off, we know we takes more than love to keep a relationship and its very possible to one to claim he's in love with you and still cheat on you..why though?

Also, how come you're with that partner of yours, you know he doesnt care about you one bit..he's even cheating on you and letting you know it and he claims he can get whatever girl he wants but you're still there! you're waiting for him to change..he treats you like dirt..talks down to you..scolds you before his buddies..buh you're goin nowhere cuz "you're in love"!!

you're tied up wanna leave but you dont have the ability and courage to LEAVE!

Anywayz, all of this got me thinkin about a skool of love.

i wonder if it will be such a bad idea to include the study of relationships, love, feelings in a college/university curriculum cuz its one issue that affects every one..young n old alike..

So he's cheating on you..should you leave? should you tolerate? Its up to you!
what your self worth?

when should you call it quit? i dont know!

how much can you take? Whats your price?

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Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Love is complicated but its for knowing when to say quits, I have no clue!