Friday, May 21, 2010

A Better Story

Dear Diary,

Its friday...i'm laying low today...doing some house work and I want to share a thought ve held since yesterday evening.

Yesterday, i attended a friends wedding.It was my first Thursday wedding..i loved it! why do most poeple get married on saturday again? why dont we ever question the "NORM"? uhmm...different talk for another day.

Anyhoo, as the dancing progressed on this lovely occasion, my mind drifted away and i started to think of how each and every one of us are story tellers by that i mean that every time you meet a person for the first time, right from "HELLO" you are telling a story..yOUR STORY. and we all know that but i wonder how many of us know that other than been story tellers, we are also story shapers!

in all our different relationships as brothers, sisters, mothers, friends, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, colleagues, partners, teachers, neighbours and just human beings, we all shape people's stories with our presence in their lives..some obviously more significant than others

Depending on the level on our relationship with others, our actions or INactions can define people's route in life..

As i am brought back from my wondering thought by the sound of "Ayefele" (Fuji music) at this reception, i am convinced that relationships can shape stories, change life routes and alter destiny completely.

Fancy an average girl getting married to someone from a royal background and heritage! Automatically you're upgraded from a Ms to a charming title like "your majesty"....your story changes from a job hunter to an employer of labour..a debtor to a custodian of treasury and wealth... now thats a destiny changer!

Funny enough, it doesnt take a royal to shape a story. you and i can be good story shapers. Using your influence, connections, giftings, talents and ideas, you can make somebody's story better.

Make some one's story better because they are dating you
Make some one's story better because they work with you
Make some one's story better because they are family

Remember my hustle to catch a bouquet last month? (Refer to previous post)

Well, guess what? i caught it this month

you should have seen how people were congratulating me? hah!

i started to feel like a bride..When older people actually walk up to you and show good gestures and pray for you cuz you caught a bouquet?

boy, i started planning my wedding yesterday..LOL!

After i caught the bouquet!
i was really thrilled.

its a little thing i call STRATEGIC POSITIONING!

I had a blast yesterday, hope you have a splendid LOOOOnng weekend!


Determine to stop telling the story and start making it betteri

One way to make a story better is to Be geninuely interested in people

Yours Sincerly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Anonymous said...

lovely piece..

Lisa N. said...

Nice Ehi

prettychick said...

lol@ hustling for the bouquet..i'd have done the same....@u planning 4 ur wedding, i hope it's ur turn to throw a bouquet next time and let some1 do the catching..