Saturday, May 8, 2010

Be Inspired

Dear Diary,

I am inspired by life.

Ve not been feeling too good in the past few days..just a little I cuddle up with a cup of tea in my duvet watching my new favorite series-Welcome To Lagos-

“Welcome to Lagos” is an observational documentary that portrays the lives of hardworking, poor Nigerians who strive to make ends meet working in extreme conditions.

I already feel better watching these inspiring stories…

It makes you realize that you have no excuse but to come out of your situation victorious..most people I know including myself were extremely astonished to find out that real people actually go through these hardships on a daily basis and still manage to find happiness and gratitude from their dump!

I think one has to find out what drives him/her..cuz that’s whats gonna keep you going..Joseph in the documentary says ” he’s inspired by his family..even if there’s a stinkier dump, he’ll work there just to keep his family”

There are ample opportunities and resources for one to create a suecess story but the question is “Are you harnessing all your chances”?

My eyez lit up when I heard that slender just got a new gig to be performing in England at the end of the month!!!

’m proud of him. Its what happens when opportunity meets preparation.

yours sincerly
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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Anonymous said...

yeah..that vocal slender guy has received astonishing support from 'fans' in the to say..they've blown him away (forgive the pun) with their overwhelming support..
Can you believe he now has a wikipedia page..facebook page and his album is available for download on itunes ?!! simply amazing !