Friday, May 28, 2010

You are about to go on stage

Dear Diary,

Tis the season to be expectant.

We are only 3 dayz away from June. I think its not the start of the New year that should be celebrated but also Mid year.

So, ve been thinking of what to share you know I share my life activities with you and draw a lesson or two cuz am of the opinion that God gives us a lesson evry day in this grand school of “Life Experience”

So in the last few dayz, ve been praying… a lot. ve been praising… a lot. ve been studying the word… a lot. ve been spending time with God...alot. ve been “churching”…alot. And while I was at it yesterday in church, these words resonated in my spirit.

“You’re about to go on stage” and I thought about You.

I hope you’ve set the stage…I pray you didn’t take it lightly…I wish you realize the grandness of this stage…you cant invest cheaply on it…you have to use quality materials on this stage…I hope you didn’t contract it out to someone to build for you cuz I guarantee they wouldn’t build it like you would…Did you check if the right screws were in? cuz either wayz, you’re about to go on stage and I don’t want it cracking down on you..

As I write this now, I think of Lupe Fiasco’s “If you are what you say you are, a superstar, then have no fear. The camera’s here and the micro phones and they wanna know”

If you haven’t started setting the stage, please start now, don’t delay your spotlight

A picture of fireworks i took on Victoria day

Mic Check 2-1-2
My name is Ehi Bourgeoisie

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