Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dear Diary,

ahhhhhhhh.....that was a NICEEE deeep breath..Times like these are when it feels like the hotttest part of Africa or somewhere on the island dont mean squat cuz of the niceNESS of the weather in toronto.

My heart is gladdened. I love the sunshine.i love the scotch of the sun on my back. its eye candy to see my wrist tan.

Anywayz, its the first day of the week here in Toronto and 'm not sure how your Victorian weekend was but mine was Awesome!

i did Church, i did a few other outings inluding a Cruise and a picnic.

So 'm taking a walk with my friend on the Harbour front on this beautiful day and i see a bunch of people standing outside by the harbour apparently getting ready to sail and a gentkeman walks up to us and asks if we're part of the group and we said No, we were just passing by.Anywayz, to cut the long story short, they invite us aboard and treat us to the WARMEST, SWEETEST, KINDEST boat Cruise EVER!

I have never seen such NICENESS done to strangers like us in my life before. They made sure we were fed..(THREE COURSE MEALS)..Most of them walked up to us to introduce themselves all very happy and delighted to have us onboard..evry now and then somebody would come to u and ask if you were okay..you HAD to be okay at that cruise.

On this lovely 4hour cruise, The energy on the cruise was great..the laughter and dancing was uplifting, The food, DELISH...even the sea was coperative..it was a SMOOTH SAIL indeed.

Enjoyed evry bit of the Spontaneity!!

As these people treated me to the best sail, i thought to myself, would i do this for a complete stranger?

I wondered how many times we by pass our friends how much more people we dont know..

I wanna challenge you and i to cozy up to people during these warm times..make someone feel loved and special in your own way.

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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Anonymous said...

.well the kindness of strangers continues to completely baffle me ! It shows there's hope for all we selfless lovers !