Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Skating Rink

Dear Diary,

Once again, i wanna say how so ever grateful i am so share so much with you my confidante. As i ink these words daily, i am forever grateful for this outlet to completely be myself free of judgement or criticism also i am not oblivous of the fact that one or two people are getting blessed from this so for that, 'm thankful.

Anywayz, let me tell you what i did last nite before i gear off topic..So i had a smashing time yesterday as i went roller skating with a few good friends..did i say SMASHING time? i mean butt slamming time!

It was "off da hook" for a lot of reasons..first, i got to chill with my peeps then i enjoyed a 90minute workout then i fell..then i learnt some life changing lessons..then i fell some more..then i had a goood laugh..then i FELL SOME MORE!then something interesting happened..evry time i fell, i got right up faster, easier, quicker, less embarassed than the previous fall and i got better at this skating business. Also, evry time my friend would try to pull me up, i would drag them down..slippery..slippery rink..i tell ya.I had maaad fun skating and the musiq was greaaat..i'd have to say its been the BEST Work-out-tainment ever!

All my friends were learners..none of us had mastery of this sport before now but most of us left there skaters...few of my friends were too scared to go on the rink so they didnt fall..but they didnt skate! But i noticed that one of my friends fell the least 10times but he was the BEST skater of the nite..

Now,this was such an inspiring experience for me cuz trust me there was tons of lessons to be learned at that skating rink. One thing i really noticed about me was every time i fell, i conceived it in my mind i fell in my mind before i really fell for real..for me a beginner, skating was like a sweet tune which i just enjoyed until "DOUBT" set in and disrupts the tune..THEN I FALL!

when i think about it, Life is just like a skating rink...and i could go on and on and tell you at least 20 Life Lessons i got outta Roller skating yesterday but i'd rather continue another day.


Those who dont try dont fall but they dont succeed either

The minute you differentiate between when you fail and when an attempt fails, you woulda been 90% close to the finish line

Accept falling as a learning experience not as an end product

From the background, Skating is the easiest thing to do until you try it! Be slow to criticize people's works my verrry sloooow

Associate with people who are experts at what they do cuz two amateurs only pull each other down

F.E.A.R-False Expectation Appearing Real-really only exists in your mind and you fall in your mind before you fall in reality

We are all skating in different rinks. In my rink, there's lots of failed attempts and butt slamming but there's lots of RISING and get-back-up-again moments.

What goes on in your rink?

Yours Sincerly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Anonymous said...

wow ! Dats deep and very encouraging. Well I know what I'm gonna be doin in my rink - not being afraid to fall !!..cos I'm just gonna get right back up !..Thanks Bourgy girl !

Kamba said...

this babe always talking too much sense. this was an inspiring post!

Dupsy said...

awesome, thanks babe

Anonymous said...

Love it!