Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seasons change, why not i?

I heard my alarm go off and I reach for it and just after I punched the snooze button, I look outside my window, theres no light! No sun ray! Its not yet 6am..but why did I my alarm go off? %&^*#!! *lonnnggg hiss* stupid alarm! After what I remember to be a combination of cussing and inaudible rubbish, I attempted to tuck myself back to my duvet as it felt unusually chilly today but sleep just wouldnt come back.

Ah well, at least I get to buy some time and get around to my morning duties before starting my day, I thought...But as I finally got around to moving my sleepy self out of bed, I caught sight of my clock..7am?!? How???

Ahh…fall was here in all its glory..little wonder, it felt chilly this morning…whoa, just like that, my sizzling, hot, summer was gone,..As I scan my wardrobe for a sweater, I had a brief bbm discussion with a friend on the very essence of seasons and change so I thought I might share.

Up or down? Happy or sad? Rich or poor? Cold or hot? Things just don’t stay in a place of rest..its an ever changing..dynamic ..rotating world. Just as the weather and seasons change, something’s in our lives cant just remain the same. The good news is if its not been going well, now it will.

Speaking of seasons, I do not see any decent fall attire in my wardrobe, shopping anyone?

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