Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How Dare You?!?

Dear Diary,

Its Monday and i am PREGNANT with joy. I love ME my Mondays...

Unlike the average Canadian or American or British or any one still waiting for their breakthroughs from a sour 9-5 relationship, Mondays are a time of joy for Me..Its my time of solitude and quietude..my time of recollection and meditation.

This Monday was not any different..started my day with my “Monday Talk” with God..had my to –do list all checked off by noon...ahh..’m excited... ‘m getting shit done.‘m bouncing along beaming with smilez and bursting with ENERGY.

And since its my day Of impactation, my typical dwelling place, Chapters book store gets the best of me today.

*This is what my real diary looks like btw..*

So whilst ‘m getting my geek on at the book store and enjoying the scent of this freshly brewed coffee at Starbux, i run into an OLD OLD friend of mine whom i went to school with and we do our catch up, exchange pleasantries and stories of what each of us is up to and lo and behold i became dumb, couldn’t speak..dont get me Wrong i tried..buh after several attempts to say smthg impressive and no words would come out, i just stopped trying.

She had done very well for herself, i must say...running a very successful business, travelling around the world, is in a beautiful relationship..mehn, Nothin Do The Chick!

Anywayz, my friend went on her merry way and my thoughts started running wild.."whoa..are you serious? Here i was trying to put this and that together..struggling to do this and hustling to do that.." OH COME OFF IT EHI!!! i snapped.. HOW DARE YOU?? I immediately interrupted my thoughts..i could not Continue that thought for more than 5seconds..OOH HELLL NOOOO!! Cuz just because you cant see it don’t mean you haven’t accomplished much.

According to my wise pastor, only a foolish farmer plants a seed on Monday and goes looking for a crop on Friday. i AGREE!

Lessons Learned

I celebrate with Everyone who’s achieving their dreams and succeeding but i refuse to compare myself with anybody...the only person i am in competition with is myself

Do not let The fact that you don’t physically see any results confuse you...HOW DARE YOU? you have accomplished MUCH!

Do not sway..refuse to be intimidated by people’s achievements...Be genuinely happy for them but Stand your grounds and DO YOU.

Yours Sincerly

Ehi Bourgeoisie


Kamba said...

ehibart...i like this post! how dare you?! how dare any of us?!
i too love the smell of chapters with fresh paper and coffee in the background. good stuff!!

Derrick said...

How dare me ?!! I feel you ...! can't tell if dat pic is of u in a pub or a lib ?..books ..wine..hmm they don't mix !

Diamond said...

nice..very true..never compare yourself with anyone else u will end up frustrated, jealous and envious which will eventually lead to hatred

Anonymous said...

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