Sunday, March 21, 2010

The 10th Step

Dear Diary,

Evry second..evry minute..evry moment..evry day i spend quality time in the presence of God..i feel refreshed. I feel alive. I feel rejuvenated. Like a drop of water on a really thirsty day. I feel like ve expanded and stretched into a new realm.

Church is more than just another ritual to me..its an appointment to meet with God and together we go over my progress report and he tells me Keeep goin Ehi..Keep Going..ur doin a FANtastic job and i say Thank you Jesus..i was hoping for that pat on the back. We discuss my dreams n r/ships..we discuss what i used to call my failures..till he told me sweetie, you have NEVER was the attempt that failed not you..and since then, ve changed my mindset. I CANNOT FAIL!! If God cannot fail, then i cant fail cuz i am made in his image and likeness.

We’d save that sermon for another day..What i really wanna talk about is what i learned in church today, FAITH. I struggle with faith cuz i think logically..if i cant make sense of it, i don’t understand recent weeks though, am learning to do away with “the-how” and just focus on believing..cuz if i can conceive it, i can believe it and if i can believe it, i can achieve it.

I have decided to put my faith to work and forget about operating in the i am committing to take on this exercise in this next 30days and ve called it.

Ehi’s 10-Step

1) Pick one Task or request...If this is your first time doing this, start with something small

2) Make sure you can believe it...imagine the aftermath/effect of getting what you desire

3) Release all worry, fears and limiting beliefs...This was my problem area but it helps to speak positive things when negative thoughts arise

4) Decide that you deserve what you’re asking for...i have NO problems with this area at far as ‘m concerned, if there’s a gold toilet, i deserve it LOL

5) Realize God wants you to prosper...He calls us a city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden

6) Convince yourself that the resources you need to achieve this task will come to you..Relax, the universe will co-operate with ya

7) Deliberately raise your vibrations...surround yourself with positivity, it will attract more positive things and people to your life

8) Prepare for its expectant mother doesn’t wait till delivery time to shop for her baby init? cuz she’s not doubting the existence of her baby..she KNOWS its there so why are you waiting?

9) Dont you dare SHUT UP!..keep confessing it..tell evry one that cares to listen..According to my Jamaican friend, one who’s mouth is closed will starve!

10) Praise God! Exude Gratitude! Be genuinely thankful...dont you say thank you if someone offers you smthg? Even before you see it? So, whats your problem again??

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Anonymous said...

cooool stuff ehi

Amen said...

Awesome steps to putting faith to work!!!

Amen said...

Awesome steps to putting faith to work!!!