Friday, March 19, 2010


Dear Diary,

Twaz a Wonderful day today!

I went to work for the first time in 2weeks since my training break which i’d like to think of as a mini vacation. I miss my suite..i miss the delish meals..I miss my Ocean view..and its funny cuz even though i was at the pent house and my window was directly over seeing the Harbour, i don’t think i stared at that ‘water’ more than once.

*The CN Tower View from My Window*

My Bags all packed ready to leave..NOT!

Anywayz, work was extraordinarily busy today. I almost wish i hadn’t gone away...i attempt to check my messages n what do i hear? ÿou have 25 new messages..Ehen?!? you’ve gotta be been kidding me..almost instantly i press 9 for Exit. i thought to myself I Cant deal with that mehn...forget that!

Good choice ehi , at least so i think as i open a new web page to surf the web but before i even click new tab on firefox, phone starts ringing off the hook..walk in’s, appointments..and sooo my day went on and on..lets just say i didn’t have time to catch my breathe or even blink...
The next time i had time to think, i was on the bus making my way home and i open my planner..only to discover half the things on my to-do list never even got touched! It

Was overwhelming to see so much as 7 items on my list and 25 new messages to respond to.And in just writing this i realise that “Life comes at you fast|”
It really does..soooo much to do, very little time ..we say
Overall, Good day it was!

Lessons Learned

I’m learning that NOT every thing on our To-Do List MUST be done...
Its a ‘little’ sumthin called PRIORTIZING
Theres def some things that take precedence over others even if we all cant come to a mutual agreement on these things. You know the issues that are weightier than others in your life..we have to learn to put it all on a scale and shake lightly and you’d notice, some naturally fall to the bottom of the scale and some get top spots.

*Mental Note To Self*
-Start with the most time sensitive and important issues, the others often come easy.
-Do not pack on too many tasks than you can realistically complete cuz an incompletion or abandonment of tasks may cause you to lose faith in the pen and the List!

Yours Truly,

Ehi Bourgeouisie.

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Diamond said...

nice thought...loving the view..